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Comment Re:I Think this article might be a bit misleading. (Score 1) 189

The method used has deep implications for security and encryption methods, but not faster than light data transfer. Just wanted to clear that up.

The parent explicitly says that faster than light data transfer is not possible. It's really sad we are unable to capitalize on the 'spooky action at a distance' phenomena.

Comment Re:UCSF: Unethical Behavior 'R' Us (Score 1) 338

Mark Laret is a genius. He is a winner. So his pay is well deserved. People who work hard for UCSF are losers. People should learn to work for themselves. They should view themselves as a company that is contracting its services to another company. And deliver just what is needed. They should seize every opportunity to grow their own company, even if it comes at the expense of their employer.

What's in it for me?

Comment Re:Was logging in to post exactly this (Score 1) 338

In this case doing simple math shows that the replacements are coming at $125K per year. $50M for 80 jobs for 5 years. Outsourcing is actually costly. I have had first hand experience for an outsourced project at AT&T. The Indian IT co. ended up charging 1.5 times more than what the in house employees were being billed for. And the quality sucked, and yes the management had no clue. They thought it was a smart move, patted themselves on their backs and took home a good bonus I guess.

Go get an MBA instead. The costlier the blunder you make with an MBA, the bigger the bonus.

Comment Re:The Naked Truth (Score 1) 1592

You are an idiot.

Sorry, but I am not interested in your lousy opinion.

Please take a job at the border and point out the terrorist, the EU will pay you a premium.

I am sorry. There are no terrorists at all. Those attacks that happened in Paris, Brussels, and the molestation of women that happened at a stadium in Germany, those arrests of refugees having terror links in Austria, Germany, all that is just hog wash. It didn't happen.

Please explain what Germany has to do with unemployment in Spain! I'm eager to hear your reasoning! Or what has staying in the EU to do with it?

Spanish GDP has fallen since the financial crisis. A weaker currency can make Spanish exports cheaper and increase employment. But since Spain is in the Euro Zone, they cannot devaluate their currency nor can they print money. ECB is in the clutches of Germany and France.

Probably Spain is so rich that lots of people don't have to work? Probably it is the first country in the EU ripe for General Basic Income? Who knows ...

You definitely don't.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

Currency devaluation would have meant that any hard currency loans would have been astronomically expensive

Well, then I would bargain for restructuring the loans, may be default on some or all. And use what ever I have got to help my economy recover. Default/debt-restructuring is not very uncommon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

That's bullshit. This recovery has been one of the slowest and worst in US history, and ended up even worse than Obama's own predictions for "doing nothing". If we take Obama and his expert economists at their word, then we have to conclude that the bailouts and stimulus programs of his administration were extremely harmful.

And where do you think US would have been if the fed did not interfere and let the financial markets freeze?

No, it wouldn't. Currency devaluation would have meant that any hard currency loans would have been astronomically expensive.

Actually no one would have given them any loans in the first place. So they would have been in the rightful place that they deserved to have been.

And even if you believe the QE hocus pocus, even according to its own proponents, it wouldn't make any difference in a country with a Greek-style economy.

My point is, the idea of a Euro Zone does not make much sense. It's like taking Ethiopia, Mexico, US, Canada, Sudan, China and putting them under one common currency system, with free labor markets et al. But each still remains a different country politically and "economically" at the same time. It just will not work.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

Yeah, but that exactly is EU for you!! They are all different countries trying to *masquerade* as one at the same time. Some of these countries are economically sound while others are shaky. The ones that are sound today can go shaky tomorrow, there is no guarantee. EU will not work unless it has one single elected government. One single central bank. One single... country I suppose.

Comment Re:The Naked Truth (Score 1) 1592

- They kept their old monetary unit (GBP)

Frankly, Euro is a gooberty gook. And the ECB has no clue and no powers. While some countries in the Euro zone can benefit and recover from a weak Euro, others need a strong Euro. So how does it help? A weakened GBP will help more exports. By the way its just markets reacting irrationally. My take is, GBP will be better off than Euro.

- They kept the *right to refuse entry* (not signed SENGEN)

Good, they can refuse the entry of terrorists that Germany and friends are welcoming with open arms.

Spain is in trouble with high unemployment (21%) with youth unemployment at a staggering 45%. And the longer it stays in the EU the longer it will have to suffer. A currency devaluation can help Spain too, just like it would help Greece. But Germany will not let that happen, because they are doing extremely good while Spain suffers. But why should Germany care?

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