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Comment Good, more people terrified of computers (Score 2) 209

Think of how many people are terrified of math, and struggle with basic arithmetic. Now they're going to make these people take an intro to programming course. They will hate computers as much as they hate math.

Maybe Chicago schools should focus on literacy and arithmetic before they start requiring everyone to program.

Comment Poor Android (Score 1) 70

But will it make the Android app not suck and take up all available resources, and then some? I've uninstalled Facebook and Messenger, and now my phone runs like it's brand new. On the bright side, I now rarely use Facebook. So I've got that going for me.

Comment Re:Two Key System (Score 1) 353

With current encryption techniques, nope. And here's the kicker. Let's say it's theoretically possible to do that. Say like master locks. Any bad actor can buy a copy of the phone. They can then do a brute force attack to get a key that will unlock all phones. In theory, it's computationally expensive.

Now imagine someone writes a script that tells them whenever someone accidentally uploads their aws keys into an open source repo in GitHub, and then uses that to spin up a bunch of VPS's. That's a bunch of free computation power. This scam has been used to generate bitcoins. How much do you think people will pay for a key that unlocks every Android phone in the state of New York?

Or here's a simpler one... Bribe or blackmail someone who has access to the master key. It could just be someone in IT with admin access. Or a janitor who can access any room.

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