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Comment Purchasing Power Parity (Score 1) 760

MNC's use PPP to pay the same employee for the same job, more in costlier locations, and less in cheaper locations. For example a software engineer doing the same job will get paid ~1/4th or lesser in India, compared to USA. This is the application of the same. In the salary case it keeps poor countries poorer, and rich countries richer. In this case, it make the fines an equivalent deterrent for all class of people.

Comment Re:A stable device driver API would help the users (Score 1) 132

Breaking the user experience in order to ‘fix’ something is a totally broken concept; you cannot do it. If you break the user experience, you may feel that you have ‘fixed’ something in the code, but if you fixed it by breaking the user, you just violated that second point; you thought the code was more important than the user. Which is not true.”

Hmm. So this doesn't count everytime the Kernel APIs change and a bunch of device drivers get broken? IMHO it's the users that get hurt by the lack of stable kernel APIs since the original developers are the only people that have the skills, source and tools to make the fix - if they are still interested.

In kernel GPL device drivers will never be broken, due to Kernel API changes. As they will also be changed when an API changes.

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