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Comment Re:This was the logical end (Score 1) 453

They hated us for our way of life (rightly or wrongly.. doesn't matter at this point)

This is a fallacy created so the real reason terrorism exists, America's heavy-handed-holier-than-thou foreign policy, doesn't come to light. If we would treat other nations and their populations with something resembling respect, terrorism would recede to mere background noise. Then maybe we could start focusing on stuff that matters, but talk like that doesn't get any votes.


Grad Student Project Uses Wikis To Stash Data, Miffs Admins 268

Anonymous writes "Two graduate students at the Ivy League's Brown University built a P2P system to use abandoned wiki sites to store data. The students were stealing bandwidth from open MediaWiki sites to send data between users as an alternative to BitTorrent. There was immediate backlash as site operators quickly complained to the University. The project appears to be shutdown, but many of the pages still remain on the web. The project homepage was also taken down and the students posted an apology this afternoon." The same submitter links to two different forum discussions on the project.

Multiple Asteroid Belts Found Orbiting Nearby Star 135

Kligat writes "Scientists have found two asteroid belts around the star Epsilon Eridani, the ninth closest star to our solar system. Epsilon Eridani also possesses an icy outer ring similar in composition to our Kuiper Belt, but with 100 times more material, and a Jovian mass planet near the edge of the innermost belt. Researchers believe that two other planets must orbit the 850 million year old star near the other two belts. Terrestrial planets are possible, but not yet indicated."

Comment Re:AUGGGHHH (Score 3, Insightful) 473

As far as I know, fire/cooking predates farming. Most estimates place the origins of farming 10,000 years ago, and according to the summary, cooking developed 200,000 years ago. So while humans may have been cooking wild plants, I imagine a major advantage of cooking was allowing you to store meat much longer.

You're right about civilization being based on high calorie domesticated agriculture, but your timing is a little off.


Submission + - The Chemistry of Beer 1

SoyChemist writes: Good beer is made with spicy hops. For years, food scientists have been trying to identify chemicals in hops that give them a fantastic aroma. Using analytical chemistry equipment, three scientists from Australia and New Zealand have identified five chemicals that are partially responsible for the desirable odor. They used gas chromatography-olfactometry, which separates out each chemical from the hops and allows them to be smelled individually. When the test results came in, five chemicals stood out from the others. All of them are terpenes. Geraniol, which is named after geranium flowers and obviously has a floral scent. Linalool, has a floral and spicy scent. It is also found in mint, cinnamon, and rosewood. Eugeneol has a spicy, clove-like aroma. Beta-ionone has a complex woody and fruity scent. Caryophyllene is found in black pepper.The Wired Science blog has the full story and a bizzare picture of a researcher with her nose pressed against the output tube of the beige tabletop gas chromatograph.

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