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Comment Re:Don't fight it (Score 2) 720

Me and my partner were never as close as when we loved in separate cities during the week, and together at weekends (and on occasional weekends when one of us wasn't working). We both like to 'have space' and are happy to spend time alone though, so maybe this is just something that suits us. All being well we'll soon be able to buy two houses close to each other, and have our own spaces again. Whilst I say this may be something that just suits us, I know a few other couples who have similar arrangements and it works well for them too. However, if we had children I'm not sure this would work...

Comment Re:News at elleven (Score 5, Insightful) 290

Pity you are at 0, because this is exactly it. Whenever I wish to change phone I look at the same phone on contract 'subsidised' and paying outright. Every time so far it has worked out cheaper to buy the phone, then equivalent service. Also every time my monthly cost has dropped after some time, so it works out even cheaper than the original calculation makes out. Further - if i wish to change phone, I sell the old one, and get to choose a new one (I never come out ahead, but it is nice to reduce the burden).

Comment Re:Not blocking, just ignoring (Score 2) 291

I haven't been to the US for a couple of years, but last few times i _was_ there I was really impressed with... bar tenders. It seemed that some people saw this is a perfectly good career choice, and indeed were very good at it. From minimal chats it seemed like they earned a reasonable wage too.

That seems fair enough, skilled workers, good at their jobs, earning a decent living and getting respect for it. I had assumed that a lot of non-white collar workers in the US were similar, is that not the case? (It seemed to me one of the really good things about the US).

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 562

One side says that there were threats of making a big issue of it, the other side says nothing of the sort. You can decide who you believe, but you can't say some who believes the other persons view is being deceitful. Personally I think this whole /. discourse goes a long fucking way to demonstrating why woman may have issues with guys in tech.

Comment Re:Provoking (Score 1) 1130

Except it is obviously tosh. (I say that as a big fan or Orwell - this is one of his stupid pieces). Look at times with simple weapons - times when most societies were tyrannical, normally monarchical tyranny, but also often religious. Now look at complex weapons societies - like most of the democracies we have.

Comment Re:College essays (Score 1) 215

Fair point on plagiarism. The college I do some work for _claims_ to be able to spot when someone else has written your essay for you though. And in fact I thought this did tie into plagiarism - in that the software also aims to identify when writing style changes. Though that was told me by one of their prof's, who whilst not a complete idiot probably was only parroting what he was told.

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