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Comment Re:There's an opportunity here for Google (Score 1) 293

Chromebooks have been improving at a decent rate. Both Dell and HP are trying to move them upmarket for higher end and business users. They are getting better CPUs, better specifications, better build quality, and pretty recently android apps. It's an interesting model. Linux kernel, thin OS, and a sandbox for android apps. So while the market share of chrome OS isn't huge, the marketshare of android is. So suddenly you can get neflix, hulu, pandora, several browsers, games, apps, ssh clients, mail clients, etc. Seems like a decent step up security wise from linux where each app you use can read 100% of your files.

Seems like if you continue on this trajectory you might well have a macbook pro replacement in a generation or two. It might well not be an x86 (the qualcom 835 is looking pretty promising), but not sure anyone will care.

I've not seen a chromebook with 32GB ram, yet. HP already sells a chromebook with 16GB ram.

Comment Two best macbook pro 13" replacements (Score 4, Informative) 315

Dell XPS 13. Generally nice build quality. Sadly the "nice" 3200x1800 screen is rather reflective and very power hungry (about half the battery life). If you go with the 1080P option you have limited CPU/GPU/ram options. Also note the kaby lake version (2016) does NOT have the IRIS. So if you want faster graphics get the 2015 version with the IRIS graphics. Also the "nostril" cam is a common complaint.

Lenovo Ideapad 710S (13") is also quite nice. Aluminum unibody, chicklet keyboard, looks kinda apple like. They have an ugly hack for some weird RAID driver (despite there being a single storage device). They disable ACPI which breaks microsoft and linux install media. So you have to use their install media (unless hacking install media is your thing), so you can't do a fresh install to get rid of whatever rootkit/malware/crapware that lenovo includes. They did (finally) release a bios to reenable ACPI, but seem to REALLY not want windows folks to use it, it's explicitly unsupported for windows. Makes you wonder why lenovo REALLY doesn't want users reinstalling the OS. The good news is it does have the IRIS graphics (like the macbook pro 13" and the 2015 dell XPS), but can get gotten with a top spec (i7 and 16GB ram) and still get a nice matte 1080P screen. I'm all for more pixels, but don't really think that 3200x1800 is worth it on a 13" screen screen, especially if it significantly impacts battery life.

Submission + - Top notebook doesn't support Linux in 2016?? Lenovo did it! ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Most latest models from Lenovo can't run Linux (nor any other OS from the pre-installed one), because some obscured firmware design. Is this 1998? No! This is just today, we several Yoga models.
And what is the answer? There's non!

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