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Comment Infrastructure for Terraforming (Score 1) 34

So all you'd need is a bunch of super industrial robot printers and a robot maintenance infrastructure to supply ingredients to run major mining on the moon or mars. Advanced concepts boiled down to bare core like software programming that's built on infrastructure like printable robots on an industrial scale is really a leap forward. Congrats to MIT for the concept; next step is contests so programmers can compete for best in show for best robot printers and best robot printing applications.

Droid X Gets Rooted 97

An anonymous reader writes "The Droid X forums have posted a procedure to root the new Motorola Droid X, putting to rest Andoid fans' fears that they would never gain access to the device's secrets due to a reported eFuse that would brick the phone if certain boot files were tampered with. Rooting the phone is the first step in gaining complete control over the device."

Comment More Needed (Score 1) 43

Be wary of lock-in mechanisms like in some EU states where H.S performance dictates -generally- one's educational path. But with this aside, America should pursue challenging coursework for H.S age students. Linking market demand with student interest. It is underapprecatied how Indian math education [c.s probably also] is ahead of the U.S in highschools. Too bad there's no standardized certification program for such advanced h.s coursework mediated through the web by a federal authority...

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