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Comment Re:Unlimited for one year (Score 1) 418

No, but it comes up at every job interview because when I left England in 1983, DEC was giving me 22 days of paid vacation per year.
In the US, DEC would only give me 10 days, increasing after so many years.

I just started a new job in November, and guess how much vacation I get, after being employed continually since 1978? 10 days.

So, yes, vacation is an issue, and I refuse to just abandon it, either when starting a new job, or while working in the same job.

Comment Re:Converting Turning? (Score 1) 474

I expect to get topic subject-lines that incorrectly state 'Public WiFi Hotspots' when the article is clearly about 'Comcast Subscriber-only WiFi Hotspots'.

I am surprised that the topic subject line was updated so quickly, frankly, when I pointed it out.

Too bad I didn't mention the other error...

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