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Comment Chers slashdotters... (Score 0) 506

If there's a subject on which I can't agree with my fellow slashdotters, it's anything that touch the language laws in Quebec.

Yes I'm a french canadian, yes I'm partial on the subject. But please, try to understand. To us, language protection is as important as the right to bear arms in the US.

With 330 millions english speakers around us, french would rapidly become extinct without laws to protect it. And to us, language IS our culture. Therefor we have democratically passed laws to ensure that our culture will still exist in the future.

There is no language police in Quebec. It's barely a small branch of a ministry that can give you a slap on the wrist. Best Buy is still called "Best Buy" and you can still buy your kids clothes at the "Children"s place". But at least it try to preserve our culture.

And I'm saying that and on the other hand I want my kids to learn english from preschool at the same time than french. We are not in the 70s anymore.

Comment News is nonsense (Score 3, Informative) 186

Common slashdot.... this news is complete nonsense.... check real prices here :


56$ per month for a very standard 8mpbs (without bundle) and 50gb cap. Add taxes and you're at 65$ per month

You can get way better than that in the US

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