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Comment So eavesdrop at the endpoints? (Score 1) 102

Without having really understood the physics behind this, what I gather is that it basically would allow you to conceal optical signals from eavesdropping on the transmission line. But that's only on the transmission line. Obviously the transmitted data still needs to exist at the endpoints in one form or another... so eavesdrop on the endpoints instead? Unless you have a true point-to-point line, your data will also likely be routed over some sort of IP network, where it will have to exist in some other form for at least short periods of time.

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 173

No, it's not. It is clunky and difficult to navigate. A set of linked HTML pages would be good for learning the deep details of a product. Texinfo is just crap.

Isn't that a property of the `info` reader and not so much a property of the format? The idea is good, the user interface is horrible.

Comment Re:oh Linus you so funny (Score 2) 464

As far as I know, ISA is still used for some legacy hardware, e.g. PS/2 keyboard, PC speaker, floppy controller, but it's almost purely conceptual by now. The ISA bus might not even exist outside a single chip (e.g. SuperIO controller.) I don't know about MCA, but I think that was only on some 386 and 486 IBMs, so that would certainly be irrelevant to have in by now.

Comment Re:Le sigh. (Score 3, Informative) 552

Except that they don't. If you write Metro apps in C++ you don't use .NET. If you write them in JScript you don't use .NET. They were careful at the //build conference last year to explain that the WinRT API is native C++ but there is a transparent marshalling layer to the .NET runtime. The host for JScript/HTML apps is presumably also native code that marshals the objects.

But yes they must run on all the platforms, of which C++ is the only that will need to be built for every platform.

Comment Or maybe it's used to change speed limits (Score 1) 422

In the US, speed limits are legally to be set after the 85th percentile of actual speeds. So if everyone is speeding, the speed limit should legally be changed such that at most 15% of drivers will be speeding at that stretch of road.

This kind of data might just as well be used to help determine areas where the speed limit is wrong.

Comment Re:Confusing symbols (Score 1) 1268

I remember seeing this kind of notation in my grade school textbooks. (I'm from Denmark by the way.)
Though usually it'd be presented with otherwise marked fields, rather than parentheses, and accompanied by short instructions. In earlier grades accompanied by a drawing representing the kind of problem solving needed, instead of written instructions. Like this:

Fill in the blanks, so both sides are equal:
4 + 3 + 2 = ___ + 2

In later grades, regular equation notation was then introduced, substituting x and y for blanks to fill in. Then you'd get a question like this:

Find the value of x in each equation:
4 + 3 + 2 = x + 2
x = ___

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