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Comment I know I want a twitter bot army (Score 1) 91

It's a vanity thing, but I want to "command" a bunch of fake followers to drive fake news and generally screw with certain people. I'm not willing to pay much for the privilege but it would be fun for about 2 days and then I go back not giving a F about twitter. So, yeah, it's best to just rent.

Comment Fair means you're about to be screwed (Score 1) 290

Whenever I hear anybody talk about fair share or fair price or even common sense laws/pricing I know it's time to run for the hills because I'm going to be screwed.

The entire concept is a straw man argument. The assumption is that some mythical entity can afford to pay or not pay some price and that the company making the offer can somehow recoup their costs because they are overcharging some other mythical entity. No proof is given to justify the equation except, perhaps, anecdotal evidence that there are entities that can't/won't pay the asking price.

It's SOP that this scheme is only applied to intangible items because nobody would buy such an idea for something tangible like a car or a house or even a bag of groceries. Art, education, entertainment and computer software and always included in this scheme.

Fair == bullshit scammer

Comment Chromosomes realigned? (Score 1) 798

You probably already realize that only the vast majority of people fall into the standard sexual/gender roles/identity. So while most people are born such that males have one Y chromosome and one X chromosome while females have two X chromosomes, that is the norm but there are plenty of exceptions. This is what, I think, gives the transgenders standing. As long as some people cannot be properly defined then nobody should be properly defined lest we make the wrong assumptions. I think that is a pure BS. Any sex alignment/change therapy is purely hormonal and seeks to align the patient/victim with traditional sex roles. Nobody is getting their chromosomes realigned! Doesn't this show that the two traditional sexual/gender role/identity is preferred even by those who wish to change for whatever reason?

Comment Money that Florida didn't take (Score 1) 408

So this wasn't expected? I think it surely was.

"Floridaâ(TM)s Governor Rejects High-Speed Rail Line, Fearing Cost to Taxpayers...Mr. Scott said at a news conference in Tallahassee on Wednesday that cost overruns related to the Tampa-to-Orlando line could leave Florida taxpayers stuck with a $3 billion tab."

Comment The lady doth protest too much, methinks (Score 1) 534

TLDR: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" is a quotation from the c.â1600 play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. It has been used as a figure of speech, in various phrasings, to describe someone's overly frequent and vehement attempts to convince others of some matter of which the opposite is true, thereby making themselves appear defensive and insincere.[not verified in body] In rhetorical terms, the phrase can be thought of as indicating an unintentional apophasisâ"where the speaker who "protests too much" in favor of some assertion puts into others' minds the idea that the assertion is false, something that they may not have considered before."

Comment Re: Toba: Stupid to ignore history (Score 1) 275

Hey snowflake, how much "pollution" did Toba throw out? "Volcanoes release up to 130 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year (USGS, 2010). It is averaged out that volcanism, per year, contributes anywhere between 65-319 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (EIA, 2011). One volcanic eruption has the opportunity to outgas as much carbon dioxide in one day than 250 years of anthropogenic activity (Primer, 2010)."

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