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Comment Re: Toba: Stupid to ignore history (Score 1) 275

Hey snowflake, how much "pollution" did Toba throw out? "Volcanoes release up to 130 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year (USGS, 2010). It is averaged out that volcanism, per year, contributes anywhere between 65-319 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (EIA, 2011). One volcanic eruption has the opportunity to outgas as much carbon dioxide in one day than 250 years of anthropogenic activity (Primer, 2010)."

Comment Completely Wrong Conclusion! (Score 1) 1321

They reached the wrong conclusion but then they are biased. My Occam's razor says the non-electronic ballots were manipulated by the Democrats. They would have far more experience in stuff the ballot box than manipulating the electronics. The electronics are correct, it's the paper ballots that are wrong!

Comment Why do we even have an FCC? (Score 1) 119

You would think the ACLU would be all over getting rid of a federal communication commission. Sounds like a joke, something from the old Soviet Union. If they want to regulate the use of the electromagnetic spectrum and not things protected in the 1st amendment then they need a new name and a new mission.

Comment WTF? Anti-Gay? (Score 1) 197

You're good with links so please show where Trump and his supports are anti-gay? You're probably confusing Trump with Hillary who happily takes money from the leaders of countries where being gay results in the death penalty. Or maybe me who happily buys gas refined from oil purchased from countries where being gay results in the death penalty.

Comment Getting dangerous and ugly (Score 1) 231

So if hacker activists set the Peruvian embassy on fire or just deploy (they wouldn't use drones would they?) lots of smoke bombs/generators and maybe even some tear gas into the embassy grounds to force an evacuation and potential arrest of Jullian that would be OK right? Just a hack, no big deal, nobody should get hurt. They certainly wouldn't use incendiaries that isn't a hack right that is something else? The Peruvians should have had better security and since they didn't...

Too extreme? OK, the hackers can just set off fire alarms which would bring the fire department and if planned in advance, maybe a few special service personnel to ensure that everyone evacuates.

I'd have to guess that WikiLeaks and JA are going down. This is getting dangerous and ugly.

Comment Typical stupid people who don't know jack... (Score 1) 115

"The Asian tiger mosquito particularly bites in forests during the day and has been known as the forest day mosquito for this very reason. Depending upon region and biotype, there are differing active peaks, but for the most part they rest during the morning and night hours."

So guess how effective nocturnal feeding bats would be in controlling the Asian tiger mosquito?

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