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Comment Typical stupid people who don't know jack... (Score 1) 115

"The Asian tiger mosquito particularly bites in forests during the day and has been known as the forest day mosquito for this very reason. Depending upon region and biotype, there are differing active peaks, but for the most part they rest during the morning and night hours."

So guess how effective nocturnal feeding bats would be in controlling the Asian tiger mosquito?

Comment Red Flag! Compromised! (Score 1) 202

Sounds like this is a not so subtle red flag from amazon warning everybody that the (weak) encryption on their devices has been compromised and cannot be fixed.

As mentioned previously, most people do not have pass-codes on their Kindles so I'm not sure what possible use encryption could have on such lowly devices. In any case assume you have been warned, encryption is weak and won't keep your data secret on amazon devices.

Comment Re:Range Limiting Bullet (Score 1) 230

Clueless! Read up on range design. You don't design for the general, you design for the exception.

"We also must gauge the maximum range of typical small-arms ammunition. The .22 long rifle is going about 4,590 feet. That is just under a mile. The .223 travels about two miles. The .30-caliber is going about 15,000 feet or three miles. Those are considerable distances."

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