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Submission + - KDE3 Fork In The Works

nicodoggie writes: A little over two years after Linux desktop users all over the world wailed in disappointment over the sub par KDE 4.0 release, a KDE3 fork, Trinity KDE is coming into being.

Apparently, there is a Live CD of Trinity KDE working on Ubuntu 10.04, but as of today, the Trinity KDE website is still recovering from hardware failure.

Will this project take off? Will KDE3 be back in the mainstream? Or have people moved on?

Submission + - How would I stream videos remotely to an old TV?

nicodoggie writes: "Me and my uncle spent much time talking about a full multimedia system that runs through the entire house and can be easily administered by any computer within the network, may it be a laptop or the command center where all the files are stored.

Our vision was to put in wireless access points all over the house so all our relatives' laptops (whenever they visit) can easily connect to the network (with authentication of course) so they get to access all the media in the Linux-based file and print server. We also plan to attach speakers around the house and be able to remotely control the music that plays on them. Right now, I can already visualize how we would do these parts of our grand plan.

In Phase II, we want to be able to stream videos our two TVs in the house, and the HD projector we plan to install remotely as well (either on a laptop, or if possible, a handheld). The two TVs are pretty old, purchased few years before HDTV came out. Is there a cheap and relatively easy way to do this? What hardware do we need to do this? Is there open-source software available for this sort of thing? If not, what should I read on to hack together such software?

I actually posted this on already, but I wanted to try submitting this to AskSlashdot and maybe get feedback from a wider audience... and probably some mod points :D Thanks a lot, nicodoggie"

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