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Comment Re:Hard Shell (Score 0) 348

Agreed that bulky cases destroy the point (or at least the "sexyness") of a thin device. But alas, there are some things I just can't control. . . like my wife dropping the phone. For me, the otterbox defender beats the heck out of having to constantly obsess over being careful with it or being upset at someone else when they scratch it. I have to protect my crappy 'ol Iphone 5 till the next iteration comes out since the 5S/C is in between upgrades for me. I bow to the copious amounts of patience you must have that allow you to be so careful with your phone. Patience is a virtue. Not everyone is virtuous. There's a case for that.

Comment I'm quite thankful I worked as a free intern (Score 0) 540

I got into grad school because I worked for free. To get into grad school in science, you need to have professors that are interested in supporting you (at least partially supporting you, as once you are in you can teach to get department funds). As someone who had been out of academia for a decade, I was having trouble finding any professors who would take the risk of supporting me and I couldn't get accepted to school. Then a friend of mine who was a recent PhD grad told me that I should just offer to work for free. After a few months of working for free, the professor I volunteered for, as well as few others, were willing to say they would support me. Lo and behold, I was accepted when I applied again. I think in many cases, interns should be paid, but I don't think a blanket law requiring them to be paid makes sense. I would never have been able to get into the school I wanted without volunteering my time first. The professor I worked for simply didn't have any money to pay me, though I'm sure now that he would have it he could have. It's just a conjecture, but I bet there are other situations where volunteering first gets your foot in the door where there simply would be no other option to open that door.

Comment Maybe it's OK (Score 0) 763

Blind belief in anything is not a good thing, be it God or evolution. Just because these people are trying to shove faith instead of theory into our children's minds does not mean our children will fall for it. How many people went to Catholic school when they were little and then never looked back? I think we need to give our children more credit as intelligent beings. This creationism in schools nonsense might end up making people understand scientific method better since they will have to come to their own conclusions. As an aside, the fact that creationists have to legislate reality rather than use evidence based logic simply shows that they don't have a leg to stand on.

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