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Comment Re: It's not the price (Score 1) 212

I think a lot of people are feeling shorted. A lot is expected from apple as they have been the premier laptop for professionals. I'm sure there wasn't the same response from other MacBook Pro releases because they offered clearly better usability. I don't see what "liberals and SJWs and feminists and climate change" has to do with this. Also, what do you mean by "they never figured out how to define themselves by anything positive, only negative"?

Comment Re:It's not the price (Score 1) 212

The 2500 to 3000 is exactly why they should be included. Nobody would be crying if they included the dongles for SD Card, USB 3.0 hub, Display Port, Magsafe power so that it can be a drop in replacement for last years MacBook pro. The apple tax is crazy high on this round of MacBook pro's and they are still doing the same apple nickel and dimimg. They were smart enough to do it with the phones, I don't know why they won't here.

Comment Re: Well... (Score 1) 524

The issue is the physical escape key. The key's form and feel are important for muscle memory. You shouldn't need to look down to press any key on the keyboard but this strip is going to encourage just that. System admins tend to stay on the keyboard more using shortcuts so things like a physical escape key are important.

Comment Re: How about over 10 years? (Score 1) 291

More than ever it's important to have complete control over your HTML structure. We need to cater to more browsers and screen sizes than ever. Sure, templates you only write once, but you still need to re-template or rewrite new components. For redesigns, css isn't to a point that html structure doesn't matter so it's still important to reorder elements or change nesting. If your talking about point and click tools, I've never found them to be as quick as a good IDE with code completion.

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