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Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 2) 358

San Francisco is expensive because a lot of tech companies decided to move there. I doubt they moved there because of California's governance but because it hit a critical mass of tech industry businesses and talent decades ago. For some reason every software company thinks it needs an office in that area.

Comment Re:It's all about CONVENIENCE. (Score 2) 244

I know that's why many people pirate. They will buy the digital title through apple or amazon. Then they will download it from TPB in the format they want for whatever device they have. This is especially true for disney titles and media for children where parents want the movies for not connected hand me down phone or tablets.

Comment Re:I'm hungry (Score 1) 469

Gross overpopulation is the reason bay area traffic is so bad. The same reason home and rent prices are so expensive and people have to commute 1-3 hours a day on the road. Also, Oakland is a major shipping port so the the right two lanes are always clogged with semis. Jumping on and off the freeway, only taking up the right lane, is a very minimal impact on traffic.

Comment Re: It's not the price (Score 1) 212

I think a lot of people are feeling shorted. A lot is expected from apple as they have been the premier laptop for professionals. I'm sure there wasn't the same response from other MacBook Pro releases because they offered clearly better usability. I don't see what "liberals and SJWs and feminists and climate change" has to do with this. Also, what do you mean by "they never figured out how to define themselves by anything positive, only negative"?

Comment Re:It's not the price (Score 1) 212

The 2500 to 3000 is exactly why they should be included. Nobody would be crying if they included the dongles for SD Card, USB 3.0 hub, Display Port, Magsafe power so that it can be a drop in replacement for last years MacBook pro. The apple tax is crazy high on this round of MacBook pro's and they are still doing the same apple nickel and dimimg. They were smart enough to do it with the phones, I don't know why they won't here.

Comment Re: Well... (Score 1) 524

The issue is the physical escape key. The key's form and feel are important for muscle memory. You shouldn't need to look down to press any key on the keyboard but this strip is going to encourage just that. System admins tend to stay on the keyboard more using shortcuts so things like a physical escape key are important.

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