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Comment What good is it? (Score 2) 132

What good is all this speed when they keep blocking interesting sites? This kind of bandwidth is only good to seed / share large things and we get blanket bans here in the UK on all kinds of torrent and other sites. I'd rather be with a smaller ISP which doesn't block things and has a lesser bandwidth allowance than with these guys, who make it harder and harder to have freedom on the net.

Comment Re:Android (Score 1, Redundant) 351

Freaking joke of a language? It's the number 1 or 2 language in use today (along with C) if you consult language ranking sources... The reason it stood still for a few years is due to Sun going under. But we can't complain. Sun created Java and languages directly inspired by it (such as C#) owe a lot to them.

Comment "Useful twitter?" (Score 1) 50

Sorry, but this is the most awful example I've heard of how Twiter can be a useful "service"... What's the moral of the story? She didn't have to send the text multiple times? Or that she didn't get billed for multiple texts? She could always call or text directly...

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