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Comment Re:Sadly Necessary (Score 1) 136

I'm not a shill. Our business does not depend on a phone reputation service but it does incorporate many different services including ip reputation services & device reputation services. These are essential for stopping fraud for the people who's credit cards are stolen and used at our site. Perhaps your naive for not realizing what's going on around you. The article describes the pervasiveness of the profiling that's been going with major brands.

How is this different than services like:

maxmind - ip reputation
iovation - device reputation / fingerprinting
threatmetrix - device fingerprinting

and many many other services that profile us in many other dozens of ways address etc....

Comment Sadly Necessary (Score 1) 136

As someone who works at a business who could not operate without this type of information I understand it's necessity. It's sad but it's necessary in today's world. Just like IP reputation, device, address reputation and many other things, a vendor, a provider, or person on the other end of the world can only know so much given a certain piece of information. It's incredibly valuable to know if someone is calling from a VOIP number when you're running a high risk business. Some times for some transactions you need to know if someone is coming in via a very well covered proxy. This information does not always come cheap and businesses have to evaluate which pieces they want and need to incorporate into their model. I would not be worried about it happening on a grand wholesale scale. The whole model is to hit people transactionally as the reputation evolves and to charge them each time.

Comment Lego Lord of the Rings, Portal and Good CoOp games (Score 1) 550

I've had a similar situation except for both me and my wife did like to play games before kids arrived. We wanted to limit our kids exposure before 2 to too much screen time and wound up taking a huge break from video games for almost 7 years. Since Christmas we have all been having a total blast playing Lego Lord of the Rings. It's a great 2 player puzzle game, tame enough for kids to watch and play. My daughter is amazed to see my wife and I working so well at something together and she's gone from being scared of Gollum to really wanting to play him most of the time. We tried several games before this and had a hard time ever getting into anything. We did enjoy playing the portal series together. I recommend a good co-operative puzzle game if that type interests you and her. Working together and trying to figure something out is a great way to get anyone engaged.

Comment Smarty Pants School (Score 1) 165

This is a great letter recognition, word recognition and reading app for that age group that has a great variety of mini games that handle progression, fight boredom. I wish it had math because I think the quality is great.

Smarty Pants School


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