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Comment Re:Tweedledee won ! (Score 1) 1576

The Greek economy collapsed because it didn't do austerity, they have massive tax evasion, bribes and corruption are the norm and they pay inflated wages to public service workers
Why the economy in Greece is down the pan, is no one, the IMF, the EU has any faith in the politics or infrastructure of Greece, if Greece had been serious and made serious cut's, tackled Tax Evasion, then the world would off been more willing to play ball.
The whole austerity question, is like a gambler who's down, do they cut there lose's or hope to make good by putting more money on the table. In short Austerity is the least worse option, the countries more serious about Austerity have tended to retain higher credit rating's hence cheaper credit when suitable in the future.
In the 30's government's could roll out big infrastructure project's like highway's, rail, ports to boost the economy, they don't have that option now to the same extent.

Comment Re:Why do we need an origin story? (Score 1) 1142

the biggest misconception regarding Darwin, Theory of Evolution is that the Established Church at the timeCoE, didn't have an issue with and Darwin received a lot of support from the clergy ,(even Stephen Fry , big time atheists recognized this fact) .
  It just those nutty US type's , and to be fair it does tend to be American's, the land of Ron Hubbard and more cult's than apple pie. Pretty much every Christian I've met has no problem with Darwin, there again I've met atheist's who have no idea how Plane's, Computers work and equate it to some form of magic.
I'm not religious but i grew up in a Christian environment and most of them are not whack job's and usually quite nice people to be honest, doesn't equate religious = good, atheist = bad, but to be honest i've likewise met a number of atheist who where complete twats

Comment Smokers are a benefit to society (Score 1) 1199

why in the UK the NHS for instance relies on tobacco tax, secondly smokers tend to die earlier,they pay tax and spend a far lower proportion of there life not paying tax's thus eliminating the costliest part of healthcare, it's the healthy 80's year olds, that get Dementia and require 10 years of specialized care that are the finanical problem for healthcare.

Plus how many people who go on about passive smoking, drive, car's produce far more pollutants in a timespan than a smoker.

Comment Re:Why give something like this the publicity ? (Score 1) 570

"Control the criminals and the mentally ill, not household cleaners, not knives, not firearms."

your Logic is flawed, James Holmes (batman premier) had only a summons for speeding previously. So how exactly are you meant to control him, the majority of these mass shooting's by definition usually occur with individual's with no serious priors. They tend to only get to do it 1 time. So for these crime's to be prevented you would need in effect 'minority report', you would to incarcerate individuals based on traits that could lead to that kind of behavior, i.e all Kids who are cruel to animals would become serial killers. So aside's from the obvious civil liberty issue's , how do you enforce that on a whole population, any suspicious behavior and your in jail.

People will always try to harm others, the key is to try and restrict the mean's to which they can do effectively, especially on a large scale, using you logic individuals' should be entitled to carry grenades, bomb's, chemical, nuclear weapons, why not, there is fundamentally no difference.

Also this notion of the people being allowed to protect themselves against a Tyrannical Government, really who do think would win a country's Armed force's, trained over years, with Air support, Intel, Huge Logistics or a militia with plastic guns.History shows that these militia's only have a chance if there is external armed support, or the government is unwilling to go the extra mile. In this scenario's the US government would go B52 on yer arse, and not pander to popular opinion like in Iraq. If a Government is Tyrannical and fight's it own people, then plastic guns wont help a bit.
look at the countries which the highest murder rates, and they all have easy access to Gun's.

Comment Re:Needed to sell 3M copies to break even? (Score 1) 137

the US lost the war of 1812, the US 2 main objectives, they failed at ,Stop the impressement of Sailors, occurred naturally due to the end of the Napoleonic wars and territorial expansion into Canada, they failed at.Basically the US tried to invade Canada generally got there arse's handed to them, and because of that the World has William Shatner and Celine Dion.

Comment Dont forgot the Snipers on Helicopters (Score 1) 395

"Military snipers are to be deployed in helicopters during the London Olympics and if required will shoot pilots of low-flying aircraft that might be involved in terrorist attacks, it emerged on Monday. "

we should off had them in the riot's last year.

Comment Re:Easier and cheaper ways to do that. (Score 1) 124

yep but it is facebook, if anyone with it's 800 million users could create a product and get people using it surely it's facebook, who's brand recognition dwarfs instagrams. Now they are tied into a brand that only a small minority has heard off (30 million), when they surely could make better capital out of the better known FB brand

Comment Airlines are responsible for you (Score 1) 624

"The major issue: airlines are NOT immigrations officials!", no but i know that when i used to Travel to Asia , if you didn't have the correct visa or was ineligible for a landing visa, the Airline you arrived on was responsible for returning you and they would have to get that cost from the passenger. So Airlines wont will check the validity or eligibility for a visa/landing visa.

Comment Re:Blegh (Score 1) 458

serious i hear sweden also has the same law, apart from being very sexist, what right does the partner have to half your stuff for living with you for 6 months. How does living with you affect her income, she most probably saving money on rent, bills etc.
I'm surprised numerous men haven't taken this law to court over various human right and sexism violations.

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