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Comment Absolutely Outrageous Proposal (Score 4, Insightful) 628

Is this really how the U.S. government thinks it should regulate Internet communication and content?

Let us ban internet content deemed obscene to save our sensitive childrens' eyes. What standards should we use?...Oh, of course, we already have the FCC's handy guidelines for obscene content on over-the-air TV and cable TV broadcasts. Let us just use a similar definition of obscene content to filter out the internet. That is very convenient since the FCC already has a lot of experience in this area, and of course we can apply old laws to new mediums in which they were never intended to regulate.

Oh, but how will we enforce these new filtering laws? We need to remove anonymity with internet postings (technologically, almost impossible, and if implemented this will essentially remove the best form of communication for whistle blowers that exists). Also, we need to block all foreign internet content if that is obscene, so maybe we should build a whitelist of sites without offensive content...

...and after 6 months, let's add certain political speech (i.e. views of those not in power) to the definition of obscene.

End sarcasm.

...and we continue to slide down the slippery slope...
Networking (Apple)

Submission + - Duke's problems not iPhone, T'was Cisco-based ( 1

Kantara writes: Update on the iPhone and Duke's networking issues. Duke put out an update on what was going on with their network and the real culprit. From the artice:

Cisco worked closely with Duke and Apple to identify the source of this problem, which was caused by a Cisco-based network issue. Cisco has provided a fix that has been applied to Duke's network and there have been no recurrences of the problem since.


Submission + - The biggest diamond EVER?

Poohsticks writes: Discoverers have found a star that collapsed into a white dwarf with a solid diamond core! Don't tell you girlfriend cause you can NEVER afford something this big! actic-diam.html

I love that the article references Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and The Hitchhikers Galaxy. Gotta love the boffins who wrote that article!
The Internet

Submission + - Driving on fumes? ... How far?

netbuzz writes: "How far can you drive after the the fuel-tank warning light has come on? The question has dogged car owners since the first Model T rolled off Henry Ford's assembly line. Now a new crowdsourcing Web site hopes to harness the input — as well as the courage — of the masses to get a good answer for every make and model. 2"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Independent Game Review Panel [June Edition] (

cyrus_zuo writes: " Game Tunnel has published the June Independent Video Game round-up, the latest in their long-running Famitsu-styled panels that review all the newest Indie PC games. The 10 games reviewed this month include the shooter Jets'n'Guns Gold, an ecologically focused sim called Venture Arctic and a political sim called PeaceMaker that challenges players to bring peace to the Middle-East. This is the last panel for former Avault Editor-in-Chief Brian Clair as well as founding panel member Mike Hommel. Derek Yu of Tigsource and Greg Costikyan of Manifesto Games join the panel in July."

Submission + - Guided tour of the iPhone (

Kobayashi Maru writes: A guided tour of the iPhone is now available on Apple's website. The video demonstrates, in some detail, the call/phonebook interface, web browsing, messaging, email, and other features. While it doesn't answer many of the technical questions raised here on Slashdot, it does provide a very interesting overview of the forthcoming iPhone.

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