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Comment Re:How to get management to listen (Score 2, Funny) 633

Your knee jerk response against unions, which are responsible for a great deal of the birth of the united states middle class, is exactly why programmers will never unionize.
You bought the bs.
Speaking of which, why shouldn't teachers be unionized? They're underpaid as it is. What is wrong with job security and decent pay for people with as important of a job as they've got?

Comment Re:The only people who have anything to whine abou (Score 1) 341

I love how your sig implies this really nuanced worldview, but you're basically implying that you can't be bothered to give a shit. Yeah I know who publishes my music and movies and yeah I know when they do shitty things, cause I read slashdot...
Some people on here are crazier than that and only use linux/play games that run on linux. Some people go out of their way to buy things that aren't produced using sweatshop labor.
There are lots of terms for this, "ideology", "principles"...
I like to call it paying attention and not giving my money to dicks.

Comment Re:bash & ssh (Score 1) 344

Its a little embarrassing to have a serious statement modded funny, so I thought I'd add that a home automation platform already exists for which this would be completely appropriate:

Minerva runs on GNU/Linux, but exists in its own mini eco-system, with its own list of users, set of scripts, and functionality. It relies on command line tools to perform all of its many tasks, and can therefore be run from virtually any platform (smartphone, PDA, laptop or remote PC) with identical functionality.

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