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Linux Business

Submission + - Linux "GeekSquad/Firedog"-style network?

ngunton writes: "I was thinking about what I could do to make a little computer consulting business for myself, helping ordinary local people install and run Linux — kind of like a GeekSquad or Firedog type of paid consultancy service, but dedicated purely to helping install Linux, replace Windows, set up home networks with Linux, get all the usual services and apps running, and help people learn and use the system, tutorials etc. It seems that this might be an attractive sell, since one of the major hooks for the average non-geek could be "No more viruses or malware", and all the major software is free too. Then I started thinking about expanding the concept to one where instead of just me, it could be a website where linux geeks from all over the place could join and then people could find their local geek and get services from them, in exchange for (gasp) money. So it's a kind of distributed Linux geek co-operative, or you could look at it as a kind of franchise operation, where you'd pay to join and get a package which helps you get started, advertise, what to charge, what services and so on. A major benefit of joining would be that you have a one-stop website where people can go for anything to do with getting help with any linux issues, so you are joining a network and would benefit from national advertising campaigns. Of course there would have to be some kind of certification process, to make sure people are capable of doing the job. What do you think?"

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