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Comment Why should anyone buy a Wii U? (Score 1) 403

I can't help but think Nintendo doesn't take itself seriously anymore. The specs are all laughable (especially the storage) and the controller is just a touch screen with buttons. This console has failed to generate any excitement with me. The name's retarded too.

Comment Re:Excuse my French. (Score 1) 255

Fuck that shit.

Grow up. The ad-supported version would have only been another option for users. More choice is a good thing.

I just shelled out a hundred bucks for a Windows 7 license several days ago. As I only use it for playing video games, I would have gladly downloaded an ad-supported copy if one was available. The less money I spend on the OS, the more money I have for new games.

Comment Re:Sony's war on their customers (Score 1) 290

BSD and GPL licensed software rarely have your credit card number, nor do they generally have the ability to push down 'updates' from a central location that break or cripple your system with no way to backdate.

You don't need to supply a credit card number to use PSN, and I don't really see how them knowing this information relates to a person's right to sue. As for the updates 'crippling' a PS3, I have been using the system for four years now, and this has not happened. The system is still very good for what it was designed to do: playing video games, and watching movies.

Comment Re:Sony's war on their customers (Score 1) 290

I lost the ability to use the console without agreeing to waive my rights to sue them if they get hacked again.

I still don't get why people think this is a big deal. Do you boycott software using the BSD or GPL licenses? Those make you waive your right to sue as well.

Do you think you would be able to convince a court there were significant damages caused by the PSN outage/hack? I seriously doubt it. PSN is just a free gaming service. They don't guarantee anything.

Comment Re:For those unfamiliar with the service . . . (Score 1) 206

Kunedog, did you read the title? I can now run games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Witcher 2 (coming soon) on Linux by using Onlive. Why should I care about needing a good internet connection when my alternative is buying an expensive gaming PC? Onlive isn't fucking their customers. They gave me exactly what I wanted.

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