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Submission + - Punkbuster Installing Windows Services

nfc_Death writes: Punkbuster has begun to install constantly running windows services. .php Under the protection of their EULA they can claim there is no need to notify the end-user about this service being installed, turned to automatic startup, and provided without an uninstall process. The concern isnt really the fact that they are doing their job, its a matter of following in line with WoW (World of Warcraft) and monitoring everything outside the gamespace for no good reason. The further addition of constantly running services when the product clearly has nothing to do with general computer OS operations, brings up additional questions. Unfortunately to EvenBalance this may seem like a very small issue for the user (its just two little executables), but how many other anti-cheat, anti-hack, DRM, and other obtrusive services/software will pile up in your processes as this trend continues?

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