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Comment An actual answer (Score 1) 554

While I mostly agree with the legions of upmodded posters telling you it ain't worth your time or your sanity, in typical Slashdot fashion they are all simply questioning your question rather than answering it. I'd suggest the Dovecot stack + Roundcube + Postfixadmin for administrative tasks.

Comment Re:Rampant piracy... (Score 2) 432

That is something that in a way surprises me. I mean not to say Google is the greatest ever, but I do expect better from them than putting out such a poor performing emulator. Android itself performs well, their Chrome browser is also known for being speedy, then why can they not get this emulator to work at a decent speed?!

From the SDK Tools v9 revision history:

Known issues with emulator performance: Because the Android emulator must simulate the ARM instruction set architecture on your computer, emulator performance is slow. We're working hard to resolve the performance issues and it will improve in future releases.


Porting Lemmings In 36 Hours 154

An anonymous reader writes "Aaron Ardiri challenged himself to port his classic PalmOS version of Lemmings to the iPhone, Palm Pre, Mac, and Windows. The porting was done using his own dev environment, which creates native C versions of the game. He liveblogged the whole thing, and finished after only 36 hours with an iPhone version and a Palm Pre version awaiting submission, and free versions for Windows and Mac available on his site."

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