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Comment Re:Shows the limits of freedom (Score 1) 1095

"Majority Rule" sounds good until you think a little. What is it that keeps 51% of the population from democratically voting to kill the other 49%? It's not majority rule. It's the constitution.

The constitution is what this country has going for it. "Majority rule" is how an angry mob works. "Majority rule, but you don't get to screw the minority just because you want to" is how the constitution works.

Comment Re: I really don't care... (Score 1) 212

Way to start off reasonable there. Easy to see why you're an AC. You can tell yourself whatever you want to make it "feels" better, but the fact is, those horses are injured because people are pushing them to their limits (and beyond) for financial reasons. Would you be against filing negligent homicide charges against a drunk driver if he only killed someone so old that they would probably have died soon anyway?
I do appreciate your useful info about horses dying in the wild. I assumed they lived forever if people weren't involved.

Comment Re:disclosure (Score 1) 448

They don't get to put it in their pockets, for God's sake. You sound like that Fox News nutjob talking about the scientists living the rock star life. You get money to hire postdocs, student researchers, support staff, etc. You don't get money for sports cars. I know it's hard for most of the deniers to believe, but some people are not 100% motivated by money.

Comment Re:You make it... (Score 1) 519

+14. People just don't understand this. In the pro-business, pro-conservative, pro-1% states (i.e., just about all of them except a few in the Northeast and maybe the West coast), you can fire anyone at the drop of a hat and the only prohibition is that you can't be stupid enough to preface it with "Because you're black/a woman/a couple of other protected classes". The boss can say you're fired b/c I hate you, and that's that.

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