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Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 520

I get so tired of this close minded reasoning. If Windows was not installed by the OEM's and if all computers were sold without an OS you can say the exact same thing for all Windows flavours.

My personal experience is, that I found Linux very easy to install and had no problems with driver issues. After supplying a password it was connected to the net via my pocket wifi. I am not some whizz-bang nerd kid, I'm an old grandfather.

I found connecting XP laptop to the wifi a real problem, I gave up.

Comment Re:Metro UI (Score 2) 467

I think there are a lot out here like you. In my case, I enjoyed using Microsoft products until I bought a Vista laptop, it looked great but ran very slowly. Then I had to jump through activation hoops to install XP on the laptop which improved the laptop greatly although it didn't look as nice as Vista did. A few years ago my son and grandkids visited and he said "You have to try Linux Dad, it's made me interested in computers again." I have been using it since not giving Microsoft another thought until I read about this secure boot nonsense which I believe is to force people to use only their product and not the OS we choose. With the Vista experience and knowing I have no choice but to buy a Windows machine to replace this one with a locked down BIOS was the last straw. I no longer wish to be a Microsoft customer. Thankfully my son said he can build me a computer without that nonsense and with the OS I like.

Submission + - U.K. Designer “Grows" Clothes From Bacteria ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Experimental UK designer Suzanne Lee "grows" clothes from bacteria. She has developed a method for growing clothing from yeast, a pinch of bacteria, and several cups of sweetened green tea. From this microbial soup, fibers begin to sprout and propagate, eventually resulting in thin, wet sheets of bacterial cellulose that can be molded to a dress form. As the sheets dry out, overlapping edges “felt” together to become fused seams. When all moisture has evaporated, the fibers develop a tight-knit, papyrus-like surface.

MS Design Lets You Put Batteries In Any Way You Want 453

jangel writes "While its strategy for mobile devices might be a mess, Microsoft has announced something we'll all benefit from. The company's patented design for battery contacts will allow users of portable devices — digital cameras, flashlights, remote controls, toys, you name it — to insert their batteries in any direction. Compatible with AA and AAA cells, among others, the 'InstaLoad' technology does not require special electronics or circuitry, the company claims."

Canadian Judge Orders Disclosure of Anonymous Posters 250

debrain writes "The Globe and Mail is reporting that Google and a newspaper called The Coast must disclose all information they have about the identity of individuals who posted anonymous comments online about top firefighters in Halifax. The story in question is titled 'Black firefighters file human rights complaint,' and there are some heated opinions in the comments."

Directed Energy Weapon Downs Mosquitos 428

wisebabo writes "Nathan Myhrvol demonstrated at TED a laser, built from parts scrounged from eBay, capable of shooting down not one but 50 to 100 mosquitos a second. The system is 'so precise that it can specify the species, and even the gender, of the mosquito being targeted.' Currently, for the sake of efficiency, it leaves the males alone because only females are bloodsuckers. Best of all the system could cost as little as $50. Maybe that's too expensive for use in preventing malaria in Africa but I'd buy one in a second!" We ran a story about this last year. It looks like the company has added a bit more polish, and burning mosquito footage to their marketing.

Man Sues Neighbor For Not Turning Off His Wi-Fi 428

Scyth3 writes "A man is suing his neighbor for not turning off his cell phone or wireless router. He claims it affects his 'electromagnetic allergies,' and has resorted to being homeless. So, why doesn't he check into a hotel? Because hotels typically have wireless internet for free. I wonder if a tinfoil hat would help his cause?"

Submission + - More orwellian projects in the EU FP7 (

An anonymous reader writes: Another Orwellian research project under FP7, which explicitly states it is for urban environment although the project subscription clearly mentions the monitoring of the Internet.

Submission + - SPAM: Self Healing Hyperlinks: A possible method to elem

GrantRobertson writes: "I think I just invented a means to eliminate most if not all 404 errors without special scripting on web pages. I call the technique "Self Healing Hyperlinks." In addition, this method would allow specially tagged documents to be automatically found anywhere on the web if they have been moved from their original locations. This could prove very beneficial for locating academic papers even if the original site has been shut down. I am releasing this idea under a Creative Commons license and anyone is welcome to implement this idea in open source software. If you are interested, please take a look. I have other fish to fry."
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Submission + - MIT's hybrid microchip to overcome silicon size ba (

schliz writes: "MIT researchers have successfully embedded a gallium nitride layer onto silicon to create a hybrid microchip. The method could be further developed to combine other technologies such as spintronics and optoelectronics on a silicon chip. It is expected to be commercialised in a couple of years, and allow manufacturers to keep up with Moore's Law despite today's shrinking devices."

Submission + - SPAM: In 2027, how powerful will "Mr. Everybodys" comput

snipe123 writes: "In 2027, how will the computer be? Take the number of transistor in the top 1 super computer in the world and referencing it with Moore's law. You find the number of years to have such technology available for everbody."

Submission + - Our Moon May Hold Coldest Location in the Milky Wa (

tromtone writes: ""The shadowy craters near the south pole of the Moon may be the coldest places in the solar system, colder than even Pluto, NASA scientists reported Thursday as they unveiled some of the first findings from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.In the newly released data, thermal measurements showed that daytime temperatures over much of the surface reached 220 degrees Fahrenheit â" hotter than boiling water â" before plummeting to frigidness at night.But the bottoms of the craters, which lie in permanent darkness, never warm above minus 400.""

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