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Journal Journal: Converting almost into success, SV VC rejects, wastes what it broke

(this is a reply i hadto make to jump the gun by months to explain a point importantto me, here for that reason,open for that reason too to be pased around thereby. I merey hope ot may interest you despite \I| find the idea strange my unfinished business may at all!)

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 1) 564

Wow, I still have a Nakamichi CR-7A 110V US lead, low mileage, second user, i storage here in London UK...

I paid quite some for it, none were easily available at all and I had reasons to be picky also, so I paid well over... yet stillI would be amazed to attain the current eBay ask for a current equivalent condition deck.

I see high at 2,300 and a live bid at 1200 due to close Saturday night...

sorry the 1200 seems to be a buy it now price...

that seems about OK really, but that seller offers no condition information

_holy cow, neither does the seller asking 2.4 kilobucks guve up any condition description other than cosmetic!

That's insane, these decks were twitchy - the Dragon wowed listeners more that it could sound good and be a tape deck, and was demanding as heck to get rolling with bias and the rest... everyone dreamed of a Dragon in my day... the one I have is the lesser beat but automates so much and simply doesn't expose the twiddling possibilities to the user .. forgive me my memory is strangely better of the glossy brochures I begged for as a kid, than my having and operating the Nakamich CR7-A in my home.

Why is that? I dunno but i sure guess it was simply unable to fulfil my teenage dream. Since then I have been spoiled with studio mastering gear - or rather the results of in the studio, it's not my field I'm marketing but my late biz partner was serious in music management, and I am still a frustrated engineer who reads TapeOp magazine like it's a top of shelf excitement I can't let my mom know I got... (anyone remember Stuio Sound & Engineering magazine? I can't even find reference to it. That was a insanely high brow publication I genuinely learned enough from to float around a music world full of proper big name people surround my partners' clients, and get taken for being a engineer/producer if I was not tempted to try to impress. Generally whatever did happen to magazines you could learn things from? Pro audio mags are terrible glossy ads now with no clue what a reverb is even used for in their reviews. I glean good things from GearSlutz forums but I studied EE for audio amateurishly stemming from a solid foundation, so I can filter fairly well... any hints or leads on good places to differentiate tech & technique from technique dictated by tech that the user doesn't understand, I'd be very grateful for... reverbs are a tough one for describing in words, some of the best members at GearSlutz are not native English speakers and take pains to describe well, but I crave a take on the effect in-chain: how do fiff freqs tail or clip? how long does a tail still comprise discernible signal before it is purely reverberating energy mushed by the synthetic environment or decay.. how much of what can be discerned feeding back at differing time on long delays... and a host of things that might mean you apply this reverb dead last or might indicate it will respond to more processing (eg dynamics rarely good idea post but it can work well) /frankly i never got any real idea about any kit since Studio Sound went off the shelves - it's worse today (or better for kit churning sales?) because there are less acoustically good places to listen and too many rack units of effects / processing: it frustrates me tomsay the least to read top pros experss the merits of a device solely in adjectives without using any concrete nouns regarding the device's actio on the signal that they are decsribing as sonorous, spatial, clear mids (which mids what voice or instrument what freqs, solo or blended feed?) and feeling like even the ones you know can't be bought are doing a infomercial.

Sorry for the rant - pls forgive a fast ageing cumudgeon.

However I suppose I am prepared to sell that Nakamichi CR-7A if it still runs well, I'd not sell ever as is. But I could not ask these ratesm- tell me you've a project, evcen if you have to flip it afterwards, but tell me it aint the money to you and I'll be happy to respond to any genuine inquiry. Better yet, if you hapen to be like the AC above scratching a living, I'll make sure you can flip it to buy some decent metal tapes... even yet ask me if you are in a position to simply want some sweet cassettes "mastered" for you, my biz partner is long gone and I miss the passions of the music world my current biz apartner know the game but his nephew is a household name so I never see the private side of music, as nephew is too cool to need to share, not attitude but darn fact wonderfully.. anyhow, lemme know if you have need a proper tape deck for any purpose in London, and I'll respond constructively. I suggest one could run a master eq for tape copy, but if you have the environment to hear that, you probably aren't the likeliest respondent to me. Some eq'ing might work advantageously, but the pros synthesized their eq from big datasets of players response and in the end Dolby was selling just that, good mastering eq auth a reliable gain boost. Since they don't do that any more, a DIY / crowd thingy project to sample deck responses for a DB would possibly be a not worthless idea. Many relevant patents now comfortably expired. What i worry though is the seeming proliferation if desire to reconstruct sound or tracks from poor recordings. As if rthe next level of effect box will reply via Alexa "Hi new 500,i remember how "Stairway to Heaven Goes", and i can reconstruct a cleaner remastered version, lemme get that oh, sure, this is hiw it goes, now sing along everyone!" (dammit got to hang with my partner & family when they had rented the house John Bonham lived and recorded Kashmir... and this made me too sad, so many brilliant musical minds and not a single actual instrument --but i wouldn't dare fly with my guitar even today not anything i need for a set i'm paid for... as i sat with glass in hand on the steps he ripped out that infamous solo... No no moral to that story except don't divorce and spend on attorneys and not super houses please.. )

I've been thinking on my feet whilst typing and bottom line, these tape decks must be coveted by people not very willing to share. Nobody can usefully use a deck many hours a week for listening. Even retirees, the baby boomers just before my lot who eat my lunch and dinner and 401K waste money on pleasures such as buying a Nakamichi. They know it needs care & feeding too.

(my low mileage means low hours, means chance of normal lifetime before heads as rare and expensive as the desk might drift too far to corral back into shape, and Naks and other top end decks have lots of mechanics to handle slack & tension in ways that direct drive doesn't do well or else the sampling and feedback was not viable then)

In the day I'd wat more to do something cool with this deck.

I just decided I still rather do something cool, if anyone has suggestions?

  (London UK necessarily only)

Provided wear & tear seem likely low, or there's something viable in high hours such as making tapes for bands to promo (apols I no longer know A&R people but I may be good for basic how to approach them just i really don't trust I k ow how the world worked, on the verge of adulthood... i mean proper middle age.

Yeah,inviting offers:
A> Pls contact me if you have a COOL use/ project / band requiring a high end tape deck, specifically a Nakamichi CR-7A

B> Point me to a cool back story how having such a deck will do wicked things money couldn't somehow do, whether attracting A&R with current metal 60min tape fetishes, or attractig eyeballs for the coolness that sell your music to new people

C> Make me a offer, but I really wanna hear anything fro A and B above preferably, first. Make me a clear offer combine with either or eve both the above, and I'll probably only ask some credit i.e thanks on the sleeve/ insert for a timely assist, for the difference between what I think these should trade at and the silly money others want (They are worth a lot if you have the intent, deliberate plan, ability to use etc etc etc & I still coned myself and thought I had a plan, despite ability to know what Inwas getting into long before I purchased (otherwise i would have had one professionally, and nota bene how few saw any studio use...i never saw one even for lunchtime listener mixes - when offered to silence silly questions the answers came 50-50 "overkill" and "temperamental toy" "one was "taking my work home"by a tired tapeop)



I will e.g. therefore cut a deal with someone only if they have a means I can enjoy the fact of the use of it by some means, recouping a "personal loss" when i had no time and packed all for shipping. So if things are cool, I don't book a loss as it were.

If nobody has any great ideas, I'm afraid it wont work to wait see if I bargain basement the deck on eBay ir however, I'll either sell privately and patiently and certainly fro less than the top ebay asks but to owner who'll be likely trading with me too (suddenly I found need or least use for a Korb bit SDS rack mount recorder, ideally a few, but they discontinued just as the possibility to use them came up. Nope, had to be a pro build dedicated device, and audio was to be split right after ADC to redundant racks, literally prepped and sealed save delivery eng. access whose job was to simply roll them as gig begins -- the proposition was to cut deals with unsugned gigging bands in return for top level live set multi tracking they can remix later (capturing live set, not capturig live feeds) but we cam up against needing generators (however small, necessary) nd hence paperwork and site manpower etc all nudging it past our deal happiness thresholds. CONT BELOW..

SORRY i'll cut this and paste that para continuation below, but if you want a reason why I wont sell at silly bubble rates anything not bought for that idea e.g. stocks etc, why i value even second hand positive experience from a new owner in real monetary terms// it's all because they aint draining the swamp, if they did that they'd show where the love is buried... Love = money, for real. Make a lost man happy, he becomes productive. It's worth to me to have even purely vicarious good experience over what when i was firced to sell everything would be cold hard much needed cash, in crisis.. i knew cash in time of crisis is never enough - how to spot a soon bankrupt? if when you lend him money matters above all else. How to never get outta bakruptcy? Tell creditors you have money... soon as time and deadlines appear to affect you, you will pay more than you can, which you cannot do in bankruptcy, but yet so many do. That ought to be the lesson pinned under the Great Seal of America, lesson best taught by incoming leader. But its true. I echo his useful lesson and stick my finegers up to the system just as he did so successfully, only I want to do so in style. Like a younger me was told by a diplomatic level dept trade guy i met accidentally in a bar who later joined my endeavours, it's *how* you say f-ck off, he taught me much besides. Show me the Dem pols freaking out asking what everyone did wrong to not learn what Trump can teach (also usefully) so not to repeat, and I will sleep well at last, but my objection to your new Prez is simply he worked the system so well but with no style that everyone could agree on. He won't easily learn how. I merely hope he'll be the lesson everyone everywhere needs to forget HIS promises to drain swamps, but to do it in our back yards. Thats why I am back home... Britland is too small to cope when it gets a bad flu. Importing mostly people who are sadly not welcomes by the unheard (cannt say silent, but it almost applies if they could utter more than the monsyllables they are encouraged to repeat to fulfil caricatures for cheap press) masses if not majority, unwelcome lots of people just are unable to influence a population even if briliant and well meaning, and we got 10% new population under Blair just like that (i feel bad for the immigrants forever now more likely to be scammed by their imported social classes and subclasses than learn and change us for good) and because generally we forgot "our own" not meaning racially our own but those we already know which in my life is not majority white. Mostly old, too, seeing their savings rot at 30-50% every efw years if notminvested in property... low rates made a new middle class instantly, bought votes en masse, cndemned us to uncntrolled spending and less well ff unable to even get jobsm, the avg wage here barely 33% up during my own lifetime while any home up 1000%. But if I get any ideas, I will run back to where trying to sell something to someone is not still a universal offense, as seems to be the one thing every adoptive brit understands and earns truly pronto.

pls forgive my hella long rant. I meant only to justify why I might let a valuable tape deck go for far less than market, despite I'm pretty broke nowadays. IT's because the joys of ownership escaped me, and now t me the only rare commodity is positivism above a baseline world I would have expected to cause massive suicide rates among youth when i was young... i dont think trying to enfiorce a "pay it forward" agreement is viable or really a reasonable thing, but send word please if I can get off on cold winter nights knowing my old deck is rocking with a new crew. I was gonna tape tons for my old aunt too b/c she knows a tape walkman and loses it with newer stuff, but remember those "tape adapters" for CD playersnyou shived in your car tape player that relayed the CD signal? I'm thinking how to hack a means to autumate labelling tapes with "Bach", Mozart etc on barcode, read thatbback to a RPi and feed stacks of high but FLACs wth the FF/RW etc tape walkman buttons signalling.

As someone already stated, cassettes are a great thing to pjysically stack and index, just the right size. Heh, Sony gave their salesforce new shirts with bigger pockets to market their first "pocket size" radio, but still the physical frmat is goldilocks good.

I want to build a grann proof tape "index card" system for a FLAC archive in a RPi using a (for parts ebay buy) Sony D whatever "walkman pro" or similar. I mean to have tapes that change search parameters, so "mellow Mozart" refines a search to bubble fav tracks up to first ones the FF SKIP goes to... mostly to be manually refined, but i only gave this 20mins musing thus far... ideally i want a ARM board in there able tom run headphone equalizers to fix the headphone response as apps exist for already. The plus points are hopefully able to cram hugeb battery in there, the cassete window can show thru an OLED big enough to be clear to seniors, and handle setup ertc for me, that I can over the phone send youtube etc searches to the device to help my aunt remember her favs etc, which separatelty inxed as whether played etc to replace with HQ audio versions.. and if i could dream i'd put it all inside the cassette eve so can be shared with others. I'd consider donating my deck to anyone hardware hacking watin to try anything like this very rough sketch of a passing idea. Heck, I'd really seriously help any such person, I'm well commercially versed in IP law and many areas essential to ventures. In my past life I was not a slouch and affected quite signifiant music rights i cant yadda yadda nda but can speak ofn under similar terms, not maybe relevant but know how someone would make them so. I believe even i can access people tom pitch for actual VC still. My professional network was / is close enough personally to insist i take a break after deep family woes, and i agree but i did no business save for a private need to do cool sh** and cant quit for my life my doc srsly unhappy,,, i tell her ill be cured next in see all costs counted) cflow +ve on a project i was involved with... not acceptable medicine apparently... Try your luck if you think im not too crazy, i got way to much time on my hands betwen hospital appts etc... nothing threatening just pre-emptive mind you, but priority to exclusion of new startup energy drain full on. I was not shabby at selling v early stage startups, too, but that model is tougher now - before i could make cofounders joyous they paid down a house and got guarantees nobody pulls gthe rug for 5 years on the startup (runway is all, always, one of these had to ride two cyces to finally get legs comercially, had i gotten regular VCs it would have been patent rtroll fodder asap at first econogltch-paranoia, VCs return abt 60 something % to partners, not good, so always need the unicorns etc to hype up) now everyone wants the moon, wants to pivot in thin air before they got out ofnthe first thing anything to bring to the pivot... etc etc all doom & gloom unless you believe in the unicorn ipo... i keep asking angel investor friends (from school days not business since) how come the true tech breakthroughs all came as spinoff from stable big corps one not distant time ago (fairchils etc etc etc the early SV) and isnt it people need stability to keep trying before they suceed and that well tried system now the opposite of my friends activities? I want the stability. Bank what you dont earn,invest the things truly hard to acuire like reputation, trust, respect, relationships, vibe, mood, emotion that makes people etb outta bed and wan tto work not like dogs doing "90 hrs andliving it" asmachismo symbols but as simply as someone able tosee clearly they are best appliedto the task than any ither task, if they had the choice. I want individuals to now why they work with me, not have to tell and remind or brainwash them with pots of gold etc. My company still exists despite I lost big overreaching, i found it was a intrinsically very private cause for my failure that rocked my worldand views... but 22yrs and counting, same name & biz, too many fieldstodescribe historically, but united by a inspiration as follows and still searching for the next lot who think like old old old school entrepreneurs did before the world got washed by the VC-nouveaux.

Dont pls hold up for a bargain giveaway on ebay, if nothing turns up that passes some idea of cool, 'll put it through a agent to sell probably the West Coast repairs shop who overhalued the thing last, so that could be whenever. I dont want to think about it, just be pleased as and whenever a check comes i from a source i know wont bounce their checks.

(bought to transfer old tapes on poor tape to better for a sentimental,archive, but that was interrupted so i added maybe 50hrs or so

(cord to the wall is passed thru the rear plate not a plug/socket separate lead affair, 2 pin attached power cord in other words) still in storage, was fine last tied it, been service too, which I got done before moving, not knowing where to find sevice in the UK... anyhow it's here in London, with one fascia button plate dislodged in transit (not broken off, but IIRC the reverse button fascia. finger plate glue worked loose looked to be poor glue coverage rather than anything worrying like atmospheric damage to glue chemistry and definitely not jarring or forcefully dislodged, it onlyneeds carefully replacing with new adhesive, the part is not actually damaged) ... CONT FROM ABOVE

Basically we realized we wanted a super scooby minivant OB unit, and those are quite regulated once used commercially. (this is why Brit bands came to the US to Rock - here the BBC still dictates and rules over anyone touring who isn't deadly serious, they practically wrote every conceivable rule to clear only their kit for use.. The USA for all more recent regulastory oversight, still feels lik freedom, even doung FCC compliance. (Ive done telecoms license applications bioth sides of the pond. UK govt wants you to look smell and sound a certain way, US govt simply want yo to comply. Vast difference in possibilities, we did the US application easily, used that to eventually browbeat the UK regulator we were good enoyugh for the states... etc) n the USA you are _trusted_ once you show competence, Brits disbeleve fundamentally, and I speak native posh upper class clipped OBN jive and tht still doesn't do much more than (if meetig similar posh jive talker) get friwned upion for "rocking the boat" (that movie was so good but the name is the right one"You don't want to be seen rocking the boat young man, that will not do." 10yrs older that would have been saidnverbatim to me, instead the 1990s speech of the Unkted Kingdom snarled and messed up like a cheap C-120 tape being spun in... to make a language that saidn as much, was as condescending, but didn't ever actually say you were being denied basic freedoms by the bucketload. This lot, my gen (born early early 70s)largely still think they wren't conned and voted to give up generations of hard won freedoms. You see low interest rates gave them effectively free homes. Now you cannot live without big debt. Social housing ntenants were told their rent was betetr than paying any mortage (at 22% was the top before Soros took it down) despite the rent was peppercorn (82pounds British per week a acquaintance pays for a $5,000 per month apartment,,, and he has *attitude* about the indignity how he had to accept someplace smaller for a brand new refurbished flat on the next street,,, enough he decided i was the class enemy in class warfare terms whe i suggested he simply not show so much entitlement when arguing with the (state paid) attorneys helping him through a awful mess tat was not fully his fault., well he got violent and started a vendetta ... i swear it went sour when h accused me of loving Thatcher. Erm, NO apart from I was bought up left wing, Thatcher called the striking miners "traitors"... 80% were veterans. In my book that sunk her. I best not say but where i am, back your way seems awful quiet over the equally awful despiacbles mess, but i grew up with fitered media whuch is the way here, and know i haven't checked about. Oh Twitter, wherefore art thou conscience to not be partisan and realze you so nearlu are the first ever direct unfiltered new we ever had in history, oh how much you yet do but look to us here like wastrel youths told to step aside and let the adults take over now. No backbone, no guts that lot thought they were heroes for being in thr rught place etc to help, ignored how nce you furst do it, people risk huge things lives even to gain such a channel, and if you get such users they are your responsblity. What else do you do with billions? Otherwise not revealing exact actual liaison etc with state dept is in my view equivalent to complicity with manslaughter. People simply are desperate enough tom risk themselevs for being heard. For all th dot come 3.0 waste and unicorns, the USA does something right, usually it gives likely winners enogh money and resources to succeed, nwhile here we start demanding the successful startups pay dividends asap to "earn their keep". Not a singleperson even has talked aboutnwhat's fundamentally socially broke in the UK that matters to startups. Its all in vernacular a proper load of old crap about how suddenly we're hep. Hip. Hep. Mad Magazine made me thinkmHipm / hep was dated 37 years ago when i first got ahold first comic mocked society usefully amazed my uncle got a copy for me, not usual to get it where i grew up...if you read the history we only just freed our nearest equiv publishers who'd been jailed for obscentites such as "trying to getb away with" what the establishment thought people ought not to do. See Felix Dennis, the only guy to have got the Financial Times to without comment print his passing mention how much crack cocaine he smoked when his publishing house made it big, i.e. saying he got successful whilst high. I read his book How To Get Rich ad it aint dumb but his best comment was on shock at business in the USA. We think SV okay cos its small garage scale allegedly. Because we only do mom & pop things mostly. Like a robot teaching music no third 4th 6th infintyeth hand legislator can fix law to fix bit startup culture. I still have friends (meaningthey still live, this is not long agho but my mate is coming 90 soon) who had to battle in court to stop British Telecom closing his directory company, justb because frankly & inread the case file, nobody thought citizens... Nope we're *subjects* sorry, were supposed to take such perceived liberties off the established order. I feel that same attitude has not left sadly, and only cos i read much stateside media did i think erroneously life was not so bad here. As it is all i did was switch from a bigger dysfunctional exonomy wanting to tax me wordwide which forever to the only other one, where if it messes up its too small to get over the cold. Us Brits forever have colds. I doubt our economy ever was healthy. We earn so much from offshore deposits, some 300BLN brit pounds are incoming each month, gaining nothing, so free money to use here, we profit from turmoil, i'd not be surprised if brexit wasn't for stirrig it up - my own company formation couldm so haveb fully anonymized me or you (drop me a line, in a few paras ill save you real thousands, walk you thru the bank process etc easy, in fees to form a perfect company that needs pay no tax nor file accountants or record real people as members nor have address or tax base here, yet the reg no will flow through the system perfectly... i'm aware of the system better than most... but purpose to mention is i need not tax myself nw if my biz is sound, despite the worldwide pererual demand on me like the US has. Delaware as good if you're non resident alien... forget double irish lon-del or dellon packing undoes the regulation of income handily BUT BECAUSE HOUSE PRICES ARE SILLY HIGH everyone needs big salary now, cannot save at all... only if we have property already can we play... fine depending on luck of birth...they undid meritocracy & education whilst i watched, not even that long an effort...

apols fortypos but things irl beckon, i try to tyoe as and as fast as i'd speak, hence the mess, but b/c i am told i soud at the least not 20ys older than i am, whetehr true or no, whatever,i'm so nicely almost ast caring my age, but old enough to worry im out of touch and will not everb really find out won't grok it, so not worrying abut typos, it's just a tape deck, pease don't be put off if replying, i bust my hand t explain the shambolic text, painetc diff. the rest i know i complain abt the world, sorry, am looking for things to not complain abt and do entrepreneurialishly, able to be serious over such things, prefer to be light hearted, but deadly serious if anything has genuine good potential and i become another animal feeding and defending such endeavours. But i found i am better feder and defender of others than myself, despite apparently havi g a surplus of ideas also stored up in my company, which i joked other day i nedd to invert The Apprentice and provide the buz pitches but get teams to compete t take the money and do the ideas, ideas each hav g ha many many v experienced man years invested to check for potential. One can dream,,, once i was a boy and dreamed of the amazing tape deck i have sat idle, and i'd like to change that sad ending of musical neglect. Help me!

Comment Very Smart, Twitter - they sniffed your MTA? (Score 1) 268

How exactly hard would a have been for the government to anticipate this notification, and dump the traffic outta Twitter's mail servers, and run a quick search for "Oh, by the way, we're just warning you the government is after you", and then cross check the emails to mine personal identifiers?

Not hard, methinks.

Comment They used to be free (Score 1) 325

When i had to switch in the UK from analog, there was no charge made on SMS.

I was truly shocked when, a few years later, texting took off.

It was like the X.25 channel on ISDN. There, known to a few, but of little use.

Oh, silly me, i bought a phone, to be, err, a phone.

Now, if you suddenly find a way to charge good money for something which is a byproduct waste in your system, why the heck not charge as much as you can?

All you're doing is taxing cowardice. Which is a plentiful thing. Don't tell me you never "hid" behind a text message for convenience sake?

As for Android messing with SMS addressing, is this not a GSM certification spec?

Comment Got it! Bingo! Thanks! (Score 1) 66

Wish i had mod points.

I read like a dozen news pieces on this case, and you're the first to actually explain it. Nice work.

Now i get it. TomorrowNow was basically set up to skim and scam from the start. No wonder the FBI are interested. Interstate Wire Fraud. Hundreds of thousands of counts.

Comment 28",2048 x 2048, 1000:1 contrast, is the way to go (Score 1) 275

Nope, easy to get one of these: i just would be amazed if they cost less than $10K plus $100K "procurement fee" but seriously, if someone dared to mass produce a spec even close to that, even for several grand, i'm pretty sure they'd sell fairly briskly.

Comment also KDB Re:CBC radio 2 (Score 1) 228

Also check out KDB Radio at Monthly advance listings are where to look. Pretty good signal for internet radio. Annoying plugin, but i beleive that's an acceptable trade, see this next bit:

Here you go:

sure, it's "programmed music" i.e. to fit their day plan / style, but i've never heard an interruption to any piece.

This is /., so that static page & those track play timings listed in the last 5chars following a parens without a space, and those schedule separators (" Eine Kleine Morgenmusik 6 to 9am", "Rhapsody 9am to Noon" etc.) can be usesul, right? :-)

Comment Where you can sue . . Re:Implications! (Score 1) 205

Giving benefit of doubt, you're being sarcastic i hope. Here's the classic reference, from 1955: Which actual findings are admirably geeky, relying as they do in "implied ACKs" (my phrase, which i think fits nicely, if you read the case) Which same also neatly renders silly your phrase: "presence in . . country by virtue of". Quite apart from personally disliking teleportation, the point fo the matter is the communication, not "presence". Lawyers, IMNSHO, the really good ones at least, i believe pioneered concepts of AI, way before Stanford got into it :-)

Comment RTF*findings* please! (scaremongering dispelled) (Score 4, Informative) 205

They are most informative, for those above crying about imaginary worries that this decision causes liability which did not exist before for free / OSS developers. It doesn't make even things harder for commercial developers, provided they're not a bunch of conniving idiots.

Here's the crux, on which the claim relies and the defense fails . .

in para 66 Toulmin finds: "*Red Sky's advertising materials for Entirety make specific claims for Entirety*. They include, among its other advantages, that Entirety "dramatically increases revenue and occupancy levels, allows quicker check in and check out service to paying guests. "This is the essence of the service Red Sky was claiming to provide for Kingsway. "

But the real fun is to read how Red Sky's case collapsed . .

some choice quotes from the findings, no particular oder, edited for brevity:

"Mr Benson was ill prepared when he came to give evidence. . . He said in his CV that he had been employed for seven years immediately preceeding his employment at Kingsway. This turned out to be untrue. . . His witness statements gave the impression that he was responsible for IT contracts . . In oral evidence he had to admit that, on the contrary, he was employed by Ramesys as a technical installer . ."

"Mr Edwards was at all material times the Managing Director of Red Sky. He said in oral evidence that he understood the business side but not the actual detail as to how the software was used. "

"Ms Howard found herself in the uncomfortable position of having to defend the Action on behalf of her superiors . . " (they left it to their junior to defend the court proceedings against them! Wow!)

"Reverting to Ms Howard, there appeared to be times when she was covering loyally for the inadequacies of Mr Frost, to whom she reported, and others at Red Sky. Her witness statements contained important and glaring inaccuracies."

so in summary, the vendor lied outragously both about their product capability (not thinking to find some choice disclaimer either in their ad - copy nor in other material representations to the original sale which might have gotten them off the hook) and stumbled into court still telling a pack of lies.


Frankly, it's just an silly workaday case, short in findings, and frankly rather fun to read.

Says plenty about the journalists who highlighted this that they could write more words than obviously they cared to scan - read even from the source.

As to the case itself, meh, nothing to see here, but gotta feel sorry for Ms Howard.

Or very very happy if you're her employment attorney, depending how you look at it . .

Comment But we have economic luddites with internet access (Score -1) 504

"what he wants is a slice of Google pie, the bigger the slice the better." that rather begs the question: what part of whose pie was google slicing for themselves in the first place? as much as i seen social network benefits from search engines of all kinds, i'm hard pressed to se how they contributed to the sales bottom line of any traditional media company. To me, forgive my bad think, i just remember google as the search engine that would never sell adverts, or would have you think so, aided surely by competitors who whored themselves without doubt,the same company who just became the controller of 60% of their own advertising market, being all of which they appeared - to my recall - to be against. contrary to populatr opinion i see clasrly the arguement that google's revenue (and any other SE) is a derivative of work provided at traditonal media's expense. Maybe i just seen too many aggregator blogs, big names amongst them, who sign off with taglines as "via X via Y via ~insert actual media company here~" To me at least that's a circuitous con, and i the reader become complicit with that. No doubt i find "access" to sources in a novel and convenient way, but really - and just like much trad media, how much am i reading si regurgitated PR? If you think my views are so contrarian, think for amoment that in this internet model, if i publshed the Financial Times, suddenly not only do i have to give copies away fro free, but i have to deliver to your doorstep for free too. What i see constantly, so much so i almost came to believe it myself, is argument for the benefits of meta syndication (blogging, linking, and really dubious practises such as majority citation and replublication) as if it is entirely harmless. The point being, at the bottom line, does any of this benefit major news providors? Moreover, do you think your favourite blog can sustain a adequate alternative? Or, is the question rather that maybe if the revenues were not so fanciful and derivative of other sources, that your favourite blog would by now have replaced the old media equivalent, in terms that the original no longer survives, and your eblog can manage the staffing etc. I am not suggesting i have solutions, but whenever i see this argument, i see it merely discussed one - way, as is the general drift here. Pity that "old media" (and why is it old, if so oft - quoted, or do you mean "yesterday's news" assuming ~fave blog~ is out gettiong tomorrows as opposed to rehashing something read off the wire . . ) i simply don't undestand how old media [sic] fails so spectacularly in engaging the debate with specifics to support their argument and their feeling as to rights and moral rights. Thus, the supposedly eloquent are dumstruck, and naturally are cannon - fodder for the online comunities. But that still does not make a rebuttal of News Corp's claim, or any other similar claim. The emperer may have no clothes, but they remain the emperor, assuming they wake up that is. So many of the comments here just make me want to shout "freetard" but the reality is that eventually this debate si going to get very interesting indeed. I envy with sincerity anyone just in college or education right now, fo rth efreedom of access and information they have, and would argue we ought to keep such facility on pain of loss of a tremendous new generation of ideas. But we ignore the wishes and concerns of the biggest employers in media at our peril. Merely biasing against their position (the cynical "good luck with that" retorts, e.g.) risks polarising the argument and placing it in a wholly political sphere. If the game is the Sonny Bono Act, then i fear the masses will loose. The dark irony in me wonders if political precoccupation with international wars and deflation isn't the only thing distracting government from being suaded by the very real forces of traditional media lobby. We ultimately all have a choice how to deal with this, possibyl in ways which will affect long term outcomes. Is it only me that wonders who a ISP should be the only person i actually pay for so much access? My longstanding personal view is that this pie is very imbalanced indeed. But i'll not venture to apportion slices before being very sure we have a finite cake. and on a random slightly personal note, the next real "freetard" who dismisses trad media's positioning out of hand as ilegitmate ought to be condemned to s long slopw month working the phones to sell a page of advertising in some dead trees, just to learn some empathy.

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