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Comment FTB Infinity (Score 3, Interesting) 90

I am a long time gamer, but I just could never get into stock Minecraft nor could I understand how many people would be so interested in it. Then, a coworker talked me into trying his modded Minecraft: Feed The Beast: Infinity server and it literally opened up whole new worlds and I am currently a daily addicted player.
So, my advice is if you grew bored with the original, seek out some modded servers. It can really be so much more entertaining with the right mods.

Comment Re:Interesting post (Score 1) 82

I still love Android tablets, I just haven't had a need for a new one in 3 years. My 2013 Nexus tablet still serves me just fine and I use it almost every day for looking up data during meetings at work and couch surfing and playing games at home or watching movies when traveling. When it finally dies I will definitely buy another, if not sooner. The nVidia Shield tablets have been calling my name lately.

Comment Win. 8 vs. Win. 10 (Score 1) 212

Can someone provide a honest non-paranoid schizophrenic listing of reasons to or not to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10?
This is for my dedicated Windows gaming machine. I have other Linux servers and Android devices for other things.
I currently run Start 8 on it to make it look pretty much like Windows 7 and I would run Start 10 on it if I upgraded to do the same.
DirectX 12 support is already one big reason to upgrade.

Comment Re:Battery life not mentioned in the article (Score 1) 31

I love my now fairly old Moto 360. I get about a day and a half of battery life out of it and it usually outlasts my phone and yet fully charges in less than an hour. I charge my phone everyday and just drop my watch on its charger at night. It is no big deal. I love being able to create and changes faces when I want as well as being able to see notifications, appointments, and calls without taking out my phone. Although I own several other nice dumb watches, I don't think I could ever go back.

Comment EStrongs Sold Out (Score 1) 249

EStrongs *USED TO* make great software, but they sold out several years ago to a Hong Kong based company that just keeps stuffing more and more bloat and ads into what was once some of the best Android software.

I personally use Root Explorer now which works great, even on non-rooted devices.

Comment Stylish Dark (Score 1) 107

Got my hopes up, I thought maybe they were testing a black background instead of white. I have been using a combination of the Stylish Add-on and the Dark Fusion style from to achieve this for quite some time now. But, it would be nice to be able to set this right inside of Google's Options.

Comment Re:Tactile is right (Score 1) 125

I completely agree, especially with my choice in remote controls. I have a home theater system composed of an HDTV, stereo, Bluray player, Tivo, and various streaming devices. I hate keeping track of multiple remotes and learning new ones as I upgrade components. So, when I found my now ancient Home Theater Master MX-500 I fell in love. It was able to learn and emulate all of my remotes with its 45 hard buttons, 5 way thumbpad, and mono LCD. I can run everything in the dark without even looking at it as I can tell by feel where everything is. I have tried various other remotes including fancy Harmonies and all touch screen devices and remote control apps for my phone, but nothing has ever been more usable than my now ancient universal remote with its primitive screen and buttons.

Comment Re:Another Day, Another Android Vulnerability... (Score 1) 18

It is just you. That statement is quite an exaggeration. Just as most of the "vulnerabilities" that are found are. Companies like FireEye and Zimperium exist for situations just like this. They have a team of people scouring available source code looking for any little flaw and then when they find something like this they send out press releases and hype it up as the next big doom and gloom phone destroyer so that people will buy their security app. But, when looking into the details you find that this bug only really affects phones running Android less than 4.4 and on the Qualcomm chipset. Many phones back in that era used a TI chipset instead so that limits the numbers right there. And then, when you look at what it is supposedly capable of you see that the worst it could do under ideal circumstances is to steal SMS and phone call data so it could gather who you call and text. But, just like the infamous StageFright vulnerability there still hasn't been a single documented case of it being exploited in the wild because of all of the other Android security in place to mitigate such risks.

The fact that these old bugs are being found is because of the open source advantage that you mentioned. There is no telling how many vulnerabilities exist in iOS devices because the code is not open for review. This is, of course, good and bad, depending on who happens to stumble across the vulnerability first.

Also, no one who cares anything about security should be using Android older than 4.4 or even 5.0. That is like using Windows XP or even Windows 95 and complaining that it has security vulnerabilities.

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