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Comment 80's .. see Brazil! (Score 1, Offtopic) 513

The evil of the government in this film is driven not so much by cruelty as by bureaucratic incompetence, much of which is played for laughs. But some of the scenes look eerie today, in our post-9/11 world, and are good fodder for conspiracy theorists. Pay particular attention to the scene where the official boasts that the government is winning its war against "the terrorists." The movie is ambiguous as to whether there are any real terrorists, and we have a sneaking suspicion that the explosions are caused by the government itself. The plot is set in motion by a typographical error leading an innocent man to be arrested instead of a suspected terrorist. The movie is not about this man but about a meek government worker, Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce), who's observing from the sidelines. Robert De Niro has a cameo as the wanted "terrorist" whose crime, from what we see, consists of doing home repairs without the proper paperwork.

Comment Re:This is the least of teacher's worries... (Score 1) 440

'School isn't a place where kids learn, it's a place kids > age of 5 go for the day while mommy and daddy are at work.'
Are we talking about the same education system that was developed by rich robber barons in order to enslave the working class, (aren't they the ones who want to crush our ability to think, reason, act for ourselves), why would they be non advocates of open source software? ... oh, I thought so, very well, as you were..

Comment Re:Raytheon (Score 1) 199

I think it's actually a reverse engineered version of a super weapon that one of the ancient earth protectors used to wear, it's kind of like the 5th element where they protected us in times of trouble, but the suit was stolen and has been an artefact and religious relic ever since, since no one knows how it works or how to put it on.. without great difficulties.. bad stuff..happens, if it's in the wrong hands, I'm surprised that it was Iron man and not an Indiana Jones

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