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Comment Re:Automakers (Score -1, Troll) 1186

And you must be one of those people I keep reading about in the Black Book of Communism.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Stalinist terror tactics don't work. That's just an economic fact. Case in point: the current economic crisis brought on by the communist federal reserve.

You're going to wake up to that reality to when Americans are starving in the streets thanks to the socialist policies of Obama and Bush. Sooner or later, reality always sets in and the walls of your anti-social personality disorder will come crashing down.

You can however, mitigate the damage that is done by waking up sooner rather than later and maybe if enough people wake up in time, we can prevent the total hell that we are headed for right now.

Recommended reading:

Economics in one lesson
Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth.
The Ethics of Liberty

Comment Re:The problem with politicians (Score 0) 258

>> Because part of a government's responsibility is to protect those who can't protect themselves, and to prevent a tyranny of the majority.

The state is a criminal institution.

It's asinine to claim that government is the defender of property rights. Government is the primary violator of property rights.

No gang of thieves has ever stolen as much as the IRS and no gang of murders has ever murdered as many Americans as the US State Department. To claim that any government serves a legitimate purpose is simply displaying that you are suffering from a PSYCHOTIC DISORDER. If they were serving a purpose, people would be willing to pay for their services. They wouldn't have to rob people at gunpoint in order to finance their operation.

Comment Re:Capitalism would work if you let it. (Score 0) 652

>> But our problem is that when our government starts to regulate in places where regulation is needed (e.g. pollution control) it does not know when to stop.

Sorry but if you believe that you're a mental patient. The reason we have so much pollution is because of government regulation. In the old days, pollution used to be actionable. That means if someone polluted, they could be drug into a private court and have their asses sued off for damaging people's health, but government regulation stopped the market's ability to fix the problem and that's when companies started polluting like crazy. I mean why spend money cleaning up pollution when you have a free pass? Your competition isn't going to bother. The government basically wrote an iron-clad guaranteed that anyone who did not pollute as much as possible would be driven out of business.

If you want to get rid of pollution, get rid of the EPA, FDA, USDA and the other government agencies that are causing it. The solution to every human problem is quite simple and always the same: ABOLISH THE STATE.

Comment Re:Capitalism would work if you let it. (Score 0) 652

>> Oh wait, that's what got us in this mess.

Uh no. That isn't what got us into this mess. It was the communist federal reserve system and the communist housing sector led by the communist institutions Fannie and Freddie and the communist CRA. This has nothing to do with capitalism.

America is not a capitalist country. The term "capitalist country" is an oxymoron. If it's a country then that means there is a government. Statism (i.e. communism, socialism, terrorism, government, etc.) is the polar opposite of capitalism.

The idea that capitalism could cause a problem is mathematically impossible. The government caused the problem by cheap credit and guaranteed loans, then when their communist Ponzi scheme collapsed they went out and robbed the market of 14 trillion dollars in order to bailout their criminal friends. In a capitalist (i.e free enterprise, human rights, etc.) environment this would have never happened.

Comment Re:IBM = No service (Score 0) 292

I doubt that support for Netbeans would continue, which would really be sad, since it is a superior IDE to Eclipse in almost every way now days. I still don't use it because the build system / Project structure (requiring a separate ant build) blows. It's tragic that they have so many great features in the IDE and yet fail at performing even the most basic tasks.

As far as glassfish, they would be stupid to drop that since it is far and away the best open source app server on the market. Plus the freemium model is the only likely app server model to succeed. No one is going to pay $100,000k for a single cpu license for a container when the federal budget is going to be consuming 40% of the GDP. After a decade of Bush and Obama, Americans are going to be starving in the streets, barely able to afford electricity. Businesses will be lucky to be able to pay their employees and buy new servers. They certainly aren't going to be making commercial software purchases for things they can get for free. Maybe the government will bailout Oracle and IBM by outlawing open-source software.

Solaris is clearly better than AIX and I can't see AIX surviving. It's a miracle that it has lasted this long.

As for Java, with IBM in control of the JCP it is dead. IBM will destroy it just like they destroyed web services and corrupted the Java platform previously by introducing specs that subverted human progress for the purpose of locking people into application servers (e.g. EJB).

When dealing with IBM it is important to remember that we are talking about a company who deliberately engineered the deaths of 13 million people just because T.J. Watson hated Jews and wanted to sell computers. Everything they touch dies. Java will not be any different.

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