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Comment Re:World Record (Score 1) 469

Easy? People are different, so maybe it's easy for you, but after two days of not sleeping I'm a nervous wreck. More than three and I seriously start losing it (as in, I talk to people who aren't actually there, see things that are definitely not happening etc.). I really don't want to experience 5 days, let alone 11

Comment Re:Sez who? (Score 4, Insightful) 753

How about we let individuals and businesses decide where they're going to put their R&D money, not some ivory-tower bureaucrats who are firmly removed from reality?

Because individuals and business don't really have any reason (or the means) to do a lot of basic research. Think of CERN or the Manhattan Project. Do you think those kind of research would be done if it wasn't paid for by the government?

Comment Re:Only on Slashdot! (Score 1) 269

I don't get watt-hours. What's wrong with Joules? Or kJ? Why have two units for energy?

Two? I wish. You forgot eV and probably a couple of others I can't think of right now. I think it was Feynmann who said "For those who want proof that physicists are human, it is in the idiocy of all the different units which they use for measuring energy."

Comment Re:A Strawman for the Symptom (Score 1) 723

Do you see how ridiculous it is to try to argue against reasonable definitions of the word "theft"?

It would be, if the definition was actually reasonable.
However, any reasonable defintion of theft would entail that after the theft the thief has the stolen goods. In the example we are talking about, this is not the case. The "thief" does not have the sole right to produce copies, so there is no theft.

Comment Re:A Strawman for the Symptom (Score 4, Insightful) 723

What's "stolen" is B's sole right to produce copies.

Yeah, if you use the word "theft" (or "stolen") to mean something completely different, then you can say the copyright infringement is theft. But using this method you can also claim that piracy is "robbery", "treason", "rape" and "murder". So how is "theft" different?

Comment Re:No (Score 2, Insightful) 112

> I love multi-touch. I used to like having a mouse on a laptop, but now that multi-touch is here, its simply better than a mouse.

Perhaps for small notebooks, (or tablets), but realistically its simply too slow and disruptive with larger screens to be waving your entire arm around just to click a button. It also requires a very sparse interface to allow for imprecision of touch.

I'm pretty sure the gp was talking about multi-touch on his notebook's touchpad or multi-touch in general, not about touchscreens.

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