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Comment Re:Similar but different (Score 1) 384

You called the OP a bitter, OCD freak, simply on the basis that his use case differed from your own. You begin you post with the generalization that all Mac users have mental health problems.

All this guy said was that he preferred using the keyboard to manage things, and that he helped his boss clear up some desktop clutter.

You tore him apart for being different, hater.

Comment Re:Similar but different (Score 1) 384

This highlights the mental problems of Mac users. Most Mac systems have only one monitor, at least I have never seen one with two.

I have an iMac with a secondary monitor. Although, the truth is Window management and spaces makes it easy to work on a single screen.

On the other hand, I have a 3 window windows system.

This highlights the mental problems of Windows users. Did you mean 3 monitors? or you only use 3 windows?

Assuming the first: Windows is so hideously bad at any kind of window management (irony alert!) that it is very difficult to organise tasks without multiple monitors. (To pour salt in the wound, Windows is not very good at handling multiple monitors either.)

Want to know what it takes me to open a program I use frequently? It goes like this "look at startbar, click" and then it is open.

The bottleneck is moving the hand from keyboard to mouse, unless you spend the majority of your time using the mouse anyway. Furthermore, opening programs by typing removes the need to even move my eyes somewhere to click.

I really don't see how memorizing dozens of keyboard shortcuts is quicker when I have one hand covered in hot sauce


To be honest, you just sound like a bitter OCD freak looking to hate on anyone who is comfortable working in an environment in it. Do you like empty white rooms with nothing in them? I sure don't, and the same applies to my computer.

And yet, you are the one doing the hating. Different keystrokes for different folks.

Comment Re:Next please! (Score 1) 446

A popular product line does not get "rebuilt" or "redesigned", it gets gradually upgraded.

Let's examine two cases: Windows gets gradually upgraded without any major (let's face it) rewrites. Result: Well, it's a pretty crummy OS from a functionality and usability stance. Mac OS gets a major rewrite for version 10. It wasn't perfect first time, sure, but it's come along by leaps and bounds. It's stable, fast and easy to use. One case leaves you stuck in the past, afraid to try new things; the other you may have to tolerate some niggles, but in the end you get a better product for it. I'll take the rewrites. Just my $0.02.

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