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Comment Re: Nintend dropped the ball on surround sound, to (Score 1) 59

The Xbox and Xbox 360 could generate DD5.1 streams; the PS3 could play DD5.1 streams.

On the other hand, I specifically bought a Sony receiver that accepted 5.1 and 7.1 LPCM and very little else, and use a PS3 with the Harmony remote receiver as my HT bluray player; whatever sound format happens to be used, the PS3 happily decodes it and spits it out LPCM, and the receiver happily plays it.

Comment Re:What do you mean how did they get it wrong? (Score 1) 59

Buddy, in 1997, 3d graphics were all the rage in the PC space, with the 3dfx Voodoo, and offerings from ATI, NVidia, Matrox, PowerVR, and so on.

GLQuake was released in 1997, as was Wing Commander: Prophecy, Heavy Gear, lots of other games.

PC was doing 3d games like Wing Commander 3 and 4, and MechWarrior 2 years prior to that. Let alone games like Alone in the Dark even earlier.

In 1999, a scant two years later, Bleem! brought PlayStation emulation to the PC.

Comment Re:Who stole it first..? (Score 1) 86

Don't the people who the software has been distributed to get to require the source code? Sure, they can then turn around and hand it out to the public world, but my understanding of the GPL isn't 'you use it, you must release the code,' it's 'anybody who gets your software can request a copy of the code.'

Comment Re:No Sympathy (Score 1) 532

Except that it's entirely possible to own and use guns for a lifetime with no health damage to any living thing. It's impossible to smoke without incurring health damage.

Here's an experiment: What would happen if the government decreed that, henceforth, smoking anywhere was perfectly legal, but that no smoking product could have any amount of nicotine?

Comment Re:Homeopathy is a scam (Score 1) 309

if the stuff is diluted so much that there is nothing there, how the f**k can it be dangerous and need to be recalled?


which may have been improperly diluted

There is the third possibility in this case: it is homeopathy, intended to be diluted, with a manufacturing defect.

Comment Re:Sounds like wrong approach... (Score 2) 164

Nah, when he was put in place, it was a backwater little desk posting, exactly like it should have been. He was literally in charge of cleaning up the physical mess left behind by the Cardassians.

Then they discover the wormhole, and Star Fleet wants to put somebody appropriate in charge, but they have to appease the locals, who now view The Sisko as the Emissary.

At least, that's how I remember it.

Comment Re:Scorpio (Score 1) 136

The Xbox used virtually bog-standard Celeron CPU and NVidia GPU; the only real special thing was a unifed memory architecture. The 360 was, IIRC, three PowerPC chips and a fairly standard AMD CPU.

The PS2, on the other hand, was custom silicon; the Emotion Engine and what not, while the PS3 was Cell architecture.

The PS1 and Dreamcast were both also fairly standard components, while the N64 was SGI custom.

Consoles are absolutely migrating towards being PCs with purpose-built cases, and backwards compatibility is becoming an expectation rather than a bonus, especially in this digital era, when you can get old titles from digital marketplaces.

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