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Comment Re:Depends on the dish (Score 2) 285

Protip: Never, ever drink water if you just ate something that was "too spicy". Capsaicin isn't water soluble, so you're just spreading it around with the water, making it burn even worse. Try whole milk or ice cream instead. Much, much better. Also, some people enjoy the delirium/euphoria that accompanies overwhelming hotness. It's one of the few altered states of consciousness that hasn't been outlawed yet. I once ate a 1cm thick slice of Bhut Jolokia, fresh from the garden. It was indeed painfully hot, just as I had expected. After 10-15 minutes of various fluids being expelled from my face (crying, runny nose, etc.), I was totally fine. The key to eating insanely spicy foods is to avoid getting them on your hands and lips. Your mouth will clean the sapsaicin away in short order, but your lips will be on fire for quite some time. And god forbid you go to rub your eyes after you just held some bhut jolokia in your hand...

Addon to protip: Any type of bread product works, especially in combination with milk, to quench the fire. I also like extraordinarily spicy food, but I don't want it to linger more than a few minutes.

Comment Re:Ouya's killer app....where is it? (Score 1) 107

The big problem with the Ouya is that there is no really good exclusive out there to show people what the console can really be pushed to do. So you have a lot of half-hearted ports from other platforms, pretty much limiting the sales of the product to people who haven't purchased any recent computer, game console, phone or tablet (very few indeed).

Frankly, Ouya needs to pick a product that is distinctly their market - nurture and help it be THE GAME on the Ouya to own, a reason to buy the console and controllers. Really showcasing what the system can do with the hardware its got will bring developers looking to 'one-up' that product and it really would have a shot.

Right now - its a no-mans land of retreads and badly written indie games. And I can say this as someone looking to release a product on the Ouya.

With that said I wish you the best of luck with your product release.

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 2) 107

When I was one of the first few hundred to sign up for their kickstarter and then received my unit well after I could have purchased it for the same price at Best Buy, I was done.

Then, when it took them another 3-4 weeks to get me my other controller, I sold it on the Internet like I did the Ouya and first controller.

I've heard nothing but complaints about it, and now they're removing one of the only promises they've actually kept to this point.

What a way to blow through millions of dollars. It'll be dead in a year. And I say good riddance.

+1 for similar experiences. I was also early on the Kickstarter, and my model showed up with a bad HDMI solder. When I found out how long it would take to get a replacement, and that I couldn't walk into the aforementioned big box store and swap it out, I decided to fix the solder myself. Then it worked...but the controller rattled because of a broken tab, which would occasionally cause a button to stick as well as just being purely annoying. Build quality control did not seem to be a priority. I never did return that nor did I sell it -- opting instead to throwing it away. Partially out of laziness and partially out of spite. I like to support the little guy, but when the little guy has millions to invest into a project I would expect a million dollar project. 2

Submission + - Ouya Dropping 'Free-to-Play' Requirement (

itwbennett writes: One of the Ouya micro-consoles's selling points has been that you can sample every game for free. That requirement is going away soon. In a blog post Ouya's Bob Mills said 'In the coming weeks, we’re going to let devs choose if they want to charge up front for their games. Now they’ll be able to choose between a free-to-try or paid model.' Good news for developers, perhaps not as good for customers. 'Maybe this new policy will attract new developers that can offer something compelling enough to be a system seller,' writes blogger Peter Smith.

Submission + - Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash (

judgecorp writes: A newly discovered malware attack uses a smartphone connected to the computer that manages an ATM, and then sends an SMS message to instruct it to dispense cash. The attack was reported by Symantec, and builds on a previous piece of malware called Backdoor.Ploutus. It is being used in actual attacks, and Symantec has demonstrated it with an ATM in its labs, though it is not revealing the brand of the vulnerable machines.

Comment Re:still treating the symptoms and not the disease (Score 1) 81

right now we are developing stronger armor when what we should be doing is stopping the shooter/spammer.

Seems easier said than done! I don't have numbers to support this, but I would think most form spam comes from botnets. As long as Oracle (Java), Adobe (Flash), and Microsoft (ActiveX) products (among others) continue to have security issues, malware will continue to thrive. And so will botnets.

On topic, as a web developer I ended up just custom coding a little check box that asks if my users are human and programmatically placing the form submit button the page after that is clicked. Since a bot can't see an input button on the form it skips the page. Maybe that's too simplistic for experts, of which I am not one, but it has resulted in less user complaints than the old ReCAPTCHA I used. This number one does look easier to use, but it's still bulky.

Comment Re:THE DEATH OF PC GAMING (Score 1) 272

Wish I had points to mod this up. With anything mainstream-popular there will be a backlash from people determined not to like the product, for one reason or another. A prime example is the Twilight movie series. I for one do not enjoy pretty much anything about these movies, but they did gross 1.3 BILLION dollars. ( I can't realistically say the movies suck because there are enough people watching to prove me wrong.

Thanks for the good points.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 307

My post relates to approving work on DRM in HTML 5.1. How is your reply relevant to my point that it will be twenty years before this spec sees the light of Internet-day? The fact that Netflix uses EME now? Ok. Apparently Netflix users don't care and I overestimated 21 million streaming customers' common sense Netflix is not the entire Internet.

Comment Good luck with that (Score 1) 307

Even if this does get included in the HTML 5.1 spec, it will be twenty years before it sees the light on Internet-day. Hell, a pretty huge chunk of the web doesn't even use HTML 5 and that spec isn't even finished. Even if 5.1 supports DRM individual site owners have the option of making use of it. And those sites will revel in the shit-ton of complaint emails and unsubscribers. Let them try it I say.

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