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Comment Re:Unauthorized export resale? (Score 4, Informative) 936

That is totally irrelevant here. Only a few nations are on the list of "rogue states" that you can't export cryptography tools to, and China is obviously not one of them

Which isn't exactly true. While the iPhone is classified 5A992 and OK to export to CN, 5A00* items are restricted from export to CN without a license or exception.

Comment Re:OK, now people, DO NOT PAY and it will pass... (Score 0) 313

What do you have against paying for the content?
I wouldn't mind paying a nominal fee to have all of my shows in one spot available on demand, even if they tack a commercial onto the begining.

I would of course demand a level of service to match however, including the ability to watch on my TV via Boxee / Xbox Live or similar.

Not everything can be totally free, I'm cool with paying for things I use.

Comment Not blocking, depricating (Score 1, Informative) 206

Depricating Direct Show in favor of their new Media Foundation isn't "blocking third party codecs".

You can still use whatever codec you want, they just don't support it, same as always. Nothing has changed in regards to setting registry entries or using automated hacks to use third party codecs in Windows, the same as it was for Vista and XP.

This is a whole lotta FUD spreading.

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