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Journal Journal: SHN frustration

Well, I'm delving in to the world of all things Etree, and trying to figure out what the best (or only) way to do things is. There's nothing more frustrating than expending great amounts of time and energy on something that you're pretty excited about just to find out that you've been doing it all wrong and have to essentially start all over. I recently discovered that I've been storing my SHNs all wrong, and all I have are a bunch of audio CDs and about five shows that are actually SHNs. Oh well, I guess I'll be ISO: Everything all over again :)
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Journal Journal: Ridiculous

Sometimes I don't get /. editors at all. I submitted a story earlier linking this story, and it was rejected. This story is right up /.'s alley, so I have no idea why it was rejected.

Regardless, the story is a great read...I was literally LOL in my office. Let me know your thoughts on it.
The Internet

Journal Journal: The joys of mindless surfing

Ahhhh....I got to take yesterday off because my wife was sick and needed help with the kids. I spent the entire day surfing mindlessly and downloading SHNs. I remember the days when just about all I did was mindlessly surf the web. Now, I rarely get to do that, and I definitely miss it.

Journal Journal: Software Assessment

I'm currently assessing some intrusion detection software for my company. I was wondering if, since I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there that's ever required to assess software, anyone has any suggestions, things not to do, etc. One thing I learned very quickly with this particular software package is DON'T USE WIN2K SERVER! Slow as anything.
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Journal Journal: A peek at me 2

Well, I'm preparing to go give a presentation to some students at a local computer school, and had an interesting idea for an entry. One of the things that I'm going to do for the students is give them a list of my frequently-visited web sites, just to give them some insight into a) the amount of time that I spend browsing the web; b) the types of sites that interest me; c) the diverse knowledge required to be a good sysadmin. Anyway, I thought other /.ers might be interested, so here they are:
Microsoft Technet
Wired News
My Security Group
Mozilla Project

If you have any links that you think I missed (or would like) please post a comment and give them to me.
Red Hat Software

Journal Journal: Nooo!!! Not a new Redhat!!!!

Well, Redhat released the newest version of their software, Red Hat Linux 8.0. The reason for the title of this entry is that I've been studying for my RHCE for a while now, and plan on taking it relatively soon. All this does is add another headache, as Redhat historically does not wait very long before making the RHCE test reflect the newest version of their software. Also, I played around with the Null beta a good bit, and am not particularly fond of the new interface. At first it's great, but after a while it's "prettiness" kind of grates on you.

Journal Journal: Programming, programming, programming 1

I'm making this entry because I'm sure that I'm not the only one. I'm a network and Linux geek. I love to play with Linux and I can hold my own on a network. However, my #1 limitation is that I don't know how to ANY language. I've played with lots of languages, including Perl, Python, and PHP. The problem is that I can't get into any of them enough to really learn how to program. I have lots of things that I would love to sit down and develop in an effort to make my life easier, but I just don't have the discipline/patience. I usually end up off on something else. Am I the only one, or are there more out there?
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Journal Journal: Deployment Woes

You know, there's nothing more frustrating than having NOTHING go right. I'm in the process of deploying a (very expensive) e-government framework that eventually will host over 250 local government web sites complete with registration, calendaring, discussion, etc. I was assured that site migration and installation would be a snap, but I'm learning that it is anything but. What was supposed to take an hour or two of my time is now into it's second full day. The most frustrating thing about all of this is that I had no choice in the software to be used for this was given to us by the grant from the State. So the gov paid something like $25,000 for a product that does nothing more than PHP-Nuke. We had to buy SQL 2000, Windows 2000 and all the licensing fees that go along with that. I now have to support SQl 2000, which I have never touched and know next to nothing about. We also have to figure out some way to sustain this project and it's ongoing costs. I would have much preferred to setup a Linux box, install Apach and PHP-Nuke and be done with the whole thing. Ahhh...if only the whole world knew the benefits of OSS.

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