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Comment Its 2010 and Nasa still utilizes post WW2 tech (Score 1) 114

Its 2010 and Nasa still utilizes technology which is basicly advanced WW2 technology. All still derived, and in a lot of cases badly derived from Wernher van Brauns efforts to bring man into space. Actually van Brauns concepts had been bold in comparison to what NASA did put up afther they exiled van Braun from working in the US space programm. Competing concepts, like "SpaceShipOne" from Scaled Composites, and NASA`s space Shuttle, have their root in technology at least 50 years old! Whereas NASA's Space-Shuttle is a lame excuese for "Dr Eugen Saenger" System (Sorry german only) Scaled Composites is doing well. Concerning the US Government putting money into NASA and outdated technology: You bet that everys governments nightmare is private corps beeing able to go to space. The DONT WANT US THERE. THEY want to control who is able to reach orbit and beyond.

Comment Re:R & D (Score 1) 278

> All the billions of dollars going towards getting men to the Moon will be spent on next generation rocket tech and many other exciting fields.

This "billions of dollars" will again be spent on heaps of paperwork and then the project will be closed down.

Compared to what the NASA accomplished while "Wernher von Braun" did lead the US space programm there hadnt been any real improvements on manned space flight since. NASA is a Bureaucracy and therefore most of the money will support this bureaucracy and NOT R&D for (manned) spaceflights n exploration.

Have a look, its 2000 fucking 10 and NASA is basicly still using 1943 technology. The shuttle is a lame-ass attempt on creating a resuable vehicle. There had been better and far more advanced concepts around for resuable space-vehicles since the early 60's. See the work of Dr. Eugen Saenger for example.

Bottom Line: You rely on NASA for space exploration youre fucked.

Comment We did replace our SCO Unix Installation (Score 1) 739

Back in 1991 or 1992, before _any_ distributions had been on the market, i did download the 386 kernel and the neccessary sources to replace our (student living community) SCO Unix server. So the first thing ive done with linux was compiling it and then using it as news and mail server. I am actually still doing this today.

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