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Submission + - West Virginia Celebrate Legalization of Raw Milk By Drinking It and Getting Sick (gizmodo.com)

netglen writes: Lawmakers in West Virginia Celebrate Legalization of Raw Milk By Drinking It and Getting Sick

"Lawmakers in West Virginia are excited about new legislation that lifted a ban on raw milk. They’re so excited that they recently celebrated by drinking some raw milk. Now, many of those lawmakers are sick.

Representative Pat McGeehan (seen in agony in the photo above)says that he doesn’t think he or his colleagues’ illnesses are from the raw milk.

“I’m not feeling that great,” McGeehan told local news station WSAZ. “I think it’s probably just some sort of bad stomach virus.” But McGeenhan admits that it’s not just him who’s sick: “There’s definitely some other colleagues that have similar symptoms that I’ve been experiencing.”

McGeenhan says he drank just a small amount of the celebratory milk given to him by Scott Cadle, a sponsor of the raw milk bill. He still insists that the timing of his illness is “coincidental.”

Raw milk hasn’t gone through a process of pasteurization that kills potentially harmful bacteria. Drinking raw milk can lead to illness and, historically, has even killed people. For instance, in 1911, 48 people died and roughly 2,000 people got severely sick in Boston after drinking raw milk.

“There definitely shouldn’t be a law against allowing people to do what they want within the framework of the rule of law,” McGeehan said. “Just be careful.”

As I’ve joked before, I personally think that raw milk should be legal, but perhaps every bottle should contain a picture of Louis Pasteur and the caption “Really, guys?”"

Submission + - SPAM: Microsoft releases. . . .a LINUX DISTRIBUTION ????

Salgak1 writes: Microsoft has released a Debian-based Linux distro, called "SONIC". It is optimized for network switching, and apparently is a localized version of the
"Azure Cloud Switch" released into the Azure cloud hosting system.

Question is, is it just another Microsoft "Embrace, Extend. Extinguish" strategy in action ??

Link to Original Source

Submission + - MIT Creates Algorithm That Speeds Up Page Load Time by 34% (softpedia.com)

An anonymous reader writes: MIT researchers created an algorithm that analyzes Web pages and creates dependency graphs for all network resources that need to be loaded (CSS, JS, images, etc.). The algorithm, called Polaris, will be presented this week a the Usenix conference, and is said to be able to cut down page load times by 34%, on average. The larger and more resources, the better the algorithm's efficiency gets, which should be useful on today's JS-heavy sites.

Comment Cords 0,0,1 (Score 1) 717

American workers get zero vacation days when they start a new position unless they were smart enough to negotiate a week or two during the hiring process. Even so, with these high pressure 60+ hour/week jobs, they frown on workers who dare to take their accrued vacation times. Some of these workers would rather lose their vacation time then appear to be "slackers" to their managers. In contrast workers in certain other countries are given a boatload of vacation from day one.

Linux Business

Submission + - Novell's Motion to Lift Stay Granted!

netglen writes: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20071127151556531 "Novell has succeeded in getting a court to lift SCO's Chapter 11 immunity from legal action, meaning the firm's IP spat can go to trial. Normally Chapter 11 means that companies cannot take legal action against you — it is designed to protect a firm from creditors while it reorganises. SCO filed for protection in September. Novell's case was heard in Delaware. The court agreed that Novell's motion be granted because the case was ready for trial, SCO has separate lawyers for the case and the court in Utah had already spent several years getting to grips with the legal and technical arguments. Novell's lawyers have already filed notice of Delaware's decision to the court in Utah. Just a week after seeking bankruptcy protection in September, SCO told the Securities and Exchange Commission that "there is substantial doubt about the company's ability to continue as a going concern". At the end of October SCO got an offer for its Unix business." — The Register

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