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Comment Re:Install (Score 1) 360

As long as you can install it from the Software Center, I don't see a problem. Did they need the space for something else on the ISO?

Software center is retarded. It's like microsoft windows themes, to them the change of color of a taskbar and pretty wallpapers is a "customizable theme". Software center is just... god, oh well back to compiling and sudo apt-geting

Comment My printer is epic (Score 1) 310

501-2000 pages I don't print that often; How much do you spend on Ink? Avg. Ink is $60+ http://www.staples.com/StaplesCatego...tegoryId=46370 MFC-240C Brother LC51BK Black Ink Cartridges, 2/Pack $46.49 x 2 = $92.98 Brother LC51CL Color Ink Cartridges, 3/Pack $41.79 x 2 = $83.58 Total: $176.56 (with Tax: $187.15) Staples does have coupons for every cartridge you bring in, you get $3 Off (I do think you have a limit per transaction though) In order for me to get this FREE: $187.15 / $3 = 63 Cartridges. Nah! Shop online at eBay and I get the same below for; 4 x Black 2 x Magenta 2 x Cyan 2 x Yellow $20 with Free Shipping! Granted, it maybe an off brand, I have to say, 2 years ago - I bought this ink and I still have one black to go; There's also a neat trick; Brother printers say you're out of ink when you're not! When I first purchased my printer, I got the starter ink. I figured I was going to need more soon. Well after I printed like 10 pages; the printer said I was out of ink, Go figure? I'm like already? So I shopped on eBay. Order and paid, they do have bigger quantiles of ink like 20-50, but 10 is lasting me 2 years as of now and here's why. After I ordering, I be ginned to search for 'Printer Hacks' and behold, I found one for my printer; they say take out think and on the window of the cartridge there is a little window, put a piece of electrical or (I use the famous duct tape) and place over that window, place the ink back, might be little trick as it will have to make an indent into the tape so it will fit, but since it's dark the printer thinks the ink is full. After doing so, I was able to print about 150 more pages on my trial ink, cool huh?

Comment Linux Supports IPv6 Windows Supports IPv6 ISP (Score 1) 231

Linux Supports IPv6 Windows Supports IPv6 ISP Support IPv6 Data Centers (Some) Support IPv6 Basically comes down too is 'Software' that doesn't support IPv6. Hosting Field: cPanel doesn't support IPv6 Maybe few other control panels. Most Registrars don't support IPv6 (Godaddy is the only I know that does for the sole purpose of registering nameservers with an IPv6 IP. Basically, comes down too is we're not ready for IPv6. We're still stuck on IPv4 ans since this all has been allocated but one 'Class' of IPs nobody is going to be able to setup new services eventually. With a Class E IP Block - we would have a lot of ips and good for a few years until IPv6 can be fully supported.

Comment Actually (Score 1) 585

Actually, The October 21, 2011 date is part of May 21, 2011 - The theory is that if the 'World' doesn't end tommrow; then everyone will die by Oct. 21st. or something like that. Nothing is going to happen in 2012; Other than Crime rate and Suicide Rate and I say this because it's 'Christmas' time, Oh? End of world, let's steal, we'll all be dead anyway, so I'm going to...When nothing happens, then the crime rate goes up. People might not bear with the 'End of World' so they rather take matters in there own hands and commit Suicide. Fact is, I don't think anything is going to happen tomorrow, October, next year or anytime soon in my life time (and I'm only 23) or anyones.

Comment Re:Kids (Score 1) 194

talking? in countries where people are not as good as most other countries, it may harm kids. The country where I live in, it's very easy to make a fake profile and add some girl and impress her to some extent. And then after a few days of talking maybe bang her and then leaver her. Its THAT easy. I was talking in a more targeted way than a general way. I haven't seen every other country's situation, but here, it can have bad effects.

Comment Facebook (Score 1) 61

well good for them taking over tht market to,but they still havent perfected it. Sure on ur profile you can tag pics,but cannot tag pics on Our Fanpages,before any trolls come screaming "yes you can yes you can" by switching to use Facebook as your Fanpage,well no it still spits an error message, the "oops something happend,we are working on it" or whtever the message is. Why would you want to tag pics on your fanpage do you ask? ah well u know those cool banners you see people adding to their profile split into 5 images? well it would be awesome if you could do tht on fanpages as well,but cannot as you cant tag pics for Fanpages.. c'mon Facebook stop buying up the world and fix shit you have already!

Comment Kids (Score 1) 194

Read this in the paper today. Kids think having a fb account is like having some thing out of the ordinary. They should get proper counselling from their parents about it. Who knows, this kids may even end up with teen age pregancy just coz of this ignorance from their parents.

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