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Comment Auction mode (Score 1) 129

Many exchanges use an auction mechanism to prevent this from happening. When a trade is made that is more than x% different from the previous trade, the security goes into "auction mode" for a period of time. During this period all the bids and offers are taken, but only at the end of the auction, using an "uncrossing" algorithm, is a fair price determined for the security. The auction can of course also be manipulated, but you'll need a lot more money to influence the price.

KDE SC 4.7 May Use OpenGL 3 For Compositing 187

An anonymous reader writes "KDE SC 4.5 is about to be released and KDE SC 4.6 is being discussed. However, Martin Graesslin has revealed some details about what they are planning for KDE 4.7. According to Martin's blog post, they are looking at OpenGL 3.0 to provide the compositing effects in KDE SC 4.7. OpenGL 3.0 provides support for frame buffer objects, hardware instancing, vertex array objects, and sRGB framebuffers."

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