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Comment Re:Will this burst the Kickstarter bubble? (Score 1) 270

How about, it's my money, and if I want to toss $20 I won't miss at a project that sounds interesting but might fail, I'll do so, your self-righteous ranting be damned? We're talking about lunch money here, in most cases, not retirement funds. I'm sure Kickstarter campaigns will burn a few people, but it's a small loss for a lot of gain. It is capitalism at it's finest: anybody can be an investor, and any idea can get funded. Though I suppose you think having venture capitalists control what ideas do and don't get selected a better idea?

Submission + - Why America's Higgs Party Won't Be a Blowout (

pigrabbitbear writes: "Tomorrow, when the world hears a giant announcement about the Higgs boson from scientists at Europe’s CERN laboratory, they might not notice its American accomplice. On Monday, the Fermi National Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois, or Fermilab, announced its best evidence yet for the existence of the Higgs, the particle theorized to give matter its mass. In its particle collision experiments, a significant “bump” is hard to see against the noise of other particles, and Fermilab has found a bump in the data with a probability of 1 in 550 that it’s not an error. It’s not a smoking gun for the Higgs — something like that will have to come out of CERN’s experiments — but it’s something."

Comment Re:That pay is just for the first few months (Score 4, Insightful) 654

Not entirely true. Ask anybody who used a computer in the late 80s, early 90s, and Apple was way ahead. SCSI on the desktop? Check. A completely USB connected home computer? Check. In fact, it was likely that Apple's early insistence on cutting edge tech is at least part of the reason nobody bought them until Steve Jobs came back. SCSI on the desktop? Who the fuck can afford SCSI on the desktop, and why the hell would I need it? I agree however that with core components (processor, graphics card, etc.) Apple's computers are consistently behind PCs. BUT...Apple isn't really interested in selling computers that run Crysis at 2560x5760 in full 3D, because they learned the hard way that such things only serve a niche market. They build PCs like Black & Decker builds coffee makers. You turn it on, it works. Which is exactly why I'll never own an Apple computer. I don't give a shit about user-friendly or stability. I want to play with the naughty bits. I do think in certain areas they are ahead. I hate Apple to the core, but I can't even argue with the quality of the Apple displays. The original iPod scroll wheel was way ahead of its competition, and maybe touchscreen smartphones were inevitable, but the iPhone made it work before anyone else did.

Comment Windows Mobile is a lost cause (Score 1) 414

I like what I see with surface. Maybe MS should focus on building ultraportables that can run apps common to tablets and metro desktops, kind of how Sony did the PS3/Vita crossplatform. Sort of like turning Surface into an extension for your desktop, and a stand a lone tablet. It would work very well with the cloud.

Comment Re:Educators aren't missing the punchline... (Score 2) 381

Damn straight. My mother taught for years before suddenly retiring early. I asked her what happened, and she said that No Child Left Behind had completely taken away her classroom. I grew up helping her do science fairs and prepare experiments, but all that is gone now. We're not only wasting students, we're losjng the teachers who made us want to be geeks in the first place.

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