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Comment According to the Sumerians (Score 1) 306

...They knew of some sort of death star/planet and they called it "Nibiru" which means "Planet of the Crossing" (why would they name it that?!) and they drew it on one of their tablets along with the other planets. BUT the Sumerians said it takes a 3600 year orbit. I've read books about it... very interesting stuff.

Comment Re:Democracy needs smart people (Score 1) 1138

America is NOT a "Democracy" it is a "Republic" ...WHY DO SOOO MANY PEOPLE GET THE MIXED UP. Democracy, is a system where (ordinary)people choose law and edict by [popular] vote. Republic, is a system where people choose other people to vote for things for them. And lets get real the people who we currently vote into office in America don't keep their promises Republican or Democrat. So again, let me explain to you America is NOT a democracy!

Submission + - The "Go" Programming Language, released by Googl (

neptunusmaris writes: Google Releases a new programming language "Go"

Rob Pike, a principal engineer at Google, says Go's goal is to serve as a systems language, in the way that C++ or C does today.
"It's fast for development but it also is a true compiled language," he explained. "We're opening sourcing it now because we think it's reached the point of being fun and useful and powerful."


Submission + - Midway Filing for Bankruptcy No way! (

neptunusmaris writes: "After Midway's flagship title Mortal Kombat...Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe shipped near 2 million copies the major game company is filing for bankruptcy. Really? That's scary, whats this mean for other game companies? Could this lead the Midways "Fatality"? Tor Thorsen (Gamespot) writes:

After months of slowly twisting in the financial wind, Midway Games has finally filed for bankruptcy. The Chicago-based publisher today submitted a petition in a federal bankruptcy court in Delaware to seek protection under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. The company blamed the move on last November's "change in ownership," when then-majority stockholder Sumner Redstone sold off his 87 percent stake in the company--valued at $30 million--for $100,000.

We all could probably come to a conclusion as to why this happening to Midway, it seems as if Mortal Kombat is the only game they have got shipping in high quantities. Its been that way since Mortal Kombat entered the world in 1992. Should they hire better designers of their other games? I'm scared if I can perform fatalities on a game anymore I wouldn't know what to do in life."

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