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Comment Re:"Linux Command Line Tirckery" HA! (Score 1) 642

If the command line is so hard- why has Microsoft been slowly forcing sysadmins into it in more recent versions of Windows Server and other server products like Exchange. They are slowly killing the GUI, and allegedly plan to pull it altogether in the next few years. And really- the Linux commands given by eldavojohn are nothing compared to some of the ridiculous crap Microsoft has dreamed up in PowerShell.It is a nightmare compared to Linux.

From what I've seen of Windows 8- I would WANT a command line to actually get anything constructive done.

Comment Re:Foxconn suicides (Score 1) 386

I agree. Foxconn may be terrible by US standards, but they obviously aren't by Chinese standards, and they've got tens of thousands of people lining up to work for them there.

I've been getting pretty fed-up with all the anti-Apple press and calls for boycotts. As you said- they are the largest electronics manufacturer in the world and there are a large number of other high-profile companies who also use them.

I have to ask everyone who is calling for Apple to move its production facilities to the US:
Are you willing to pay 2-3 times as much for the same product? Are you living in some fantasy world where if Apple's production costs double or triple (actually- they would go up substantially more than that)- they will still charge the same amount of money?
Are you willing to buy a lower quality product for that much money? American manufacturers don't exactly have a very good track record when it comes to "fit and finish". (Not being a troll- just being realistic.)

To be blunt- we as Americans get ourselves into a lot of trouble when we try to apply our own standards to other countries. There are a lot of injustices in the world, and maybe someday the picture in China will change, but it really isn't our place to dictate that. Want to take your money from Apple and give it to another Japanese or American manufacturer who also likely uses Foxconn- what are you really accomplishing? Want Apple to move their manufacturing to the USA so you can pay $2000 for the next iPad or iPhone? Once again- what are you really accomplishing. We (USA) would gain a few thousand minimum-wage assembly jobs, while everyone switches from expensive Apple devices to dirt-cheap Android ones, still made by Foxconn...

Last, but not least- China holds a substantial amount of US debt, and the US continues to borrow from them. What happens if China loses tens or hundreds of thousands of jobs and their economy starts to fail? What happens to the world economy, which is already on shaky ground?

Comment So wait... (Score 1) 428

My car tells me if I leave the fuel cap off, but a multi-hundred-million $ plane has nothing that can tell in advance if there is a venting problem with a fuel tank? Sorry, but WTF?! I'm with others too- I believe the costs are being blown out of proportion by the Air Force, and this aircraft is obviously impractical for "combat" conditions where it may need to be field serviced under less-than-ideal conditions. Another waste of taxpayer money.

Comment Aurora (Score 1) 433

I hope the Denver suburb of Aurora- which has red light cameras at every major intersection in the city, will do the same. I do everything I can to avoid driving through either city. Besides people slamming on their breaks at every intersection, the camera flashes at night are annoying and dangerous!

Comment Re:Navigation isn't a luxury (Score 1) 938

I agree with this, as I think will anyone who drives near or in a major city. My phone provides me with real-time traffic, construction, and road hazard data that I need to make logical (and environmentally friendly- to save fuel) decisions in real-time on my long commute to-and-from work. I've used several stand-alone navigation devices that offer similar services.

There are also hundreds of thousands of cabs and delivery vehicles that simply couldn't operate in today's cities without real-time access to information and communication resources. Not to mention- the cop cars which at a minimum have two-way radio, messaging system, and usually a laptop computer.

Comment Re:Public Transit (Score 1) 938

The key is "transit system done right", which is really only in a handful of cities I've lived in or visited, and even then- is a matter of opinion.

I could take public transit to my job. It involves driving to a park-and-ride (or walking 8 miles), three bus changes, and a call-and-ride shuttle or walking another 3 miles to work, reverse for the trip home. It also takes over two hours EACH WAY. Driving takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic.

I love transit systems when they work, but as I said- for a LOT of people- they don't. I guess you are fortunate enough to live in an area where they do, and to live close enough to your office that they are practical- and that is great.

Comment iPad, Bluetooth Keyboard, Evernote (Score 1) 425

I know you said you want to hand-write your notes, but unless you NEED to for some specific reasons, or are a terrible typist, I would re-think it. Most people can type considerably faster than they can hand-write, even under the best circumstances with pen and paper. Plus- typing can take advantage of modern spell-checking and auto-correcting functions. If you MUST hand-write- I recommend a good smart pen instead, like those offered by Livescribe. It provides a good level of handwriting analysis and can make your notes searchable via an online app. None of the handwriting apps I've used on Windows-based tablets have come anything close. If you are looking for a good, light, portable means of taking notes- I would recommend a good Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad. Many are very lightweight and small, yet have a good typing feel and are quiet (less intrusive in meetings or classes). Some are integrated with ipad cases, while others come with their own that fold out into stands. I personally love the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad.

For software- I've gone between Evernote and Google Docs for my notes (I'm an IT executive and spend much of my time in meetings), and prefer Evernote because it doesn't require an Internet connection (if you pay for it), and I had too many problems with Google Docs suddenly becoming unresponsive in the middle of a meeting. I mostly went with these options because I wanted my notes available anywhere/everywhere. If I'm stopped in the hall and need to reference something, and I don't have my iPad with me- I can pull up my notes on my phone. Both Evernote and Google Docs are multi-platform and synced (almost) live.

If you don't want to pay for Evernote offline- a lot of people in my office use the notepad shipped as part of iOS. It does work very well for what it is.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 473

I had to re-try my install about a dozen times on my iPad before it finally happened. Actually- I'm being optimistic right now, since it is only about half-way loaded...

Comment WiFi Medical Gear (Score 1) 81

I spent a LOT of time in various hospitals and long-term care facilities over the last year (friend with cancer), and found that most now rely heavily on WiFi enabled IV/Medication pumps and monitors. Almost every piece of equipment I looked at had a WiFi indicator light on it (some even actually said "WiFi"). There were also several secure WiFi networks operating within each facility, including- thankfully- free public Internet access. Depending on what can actually be done with them remotely- I found this a bit alarming though. If someone can hack an insulin pump, they will probably have the "keys" to other equipment, at least by the same manufacturer. This really opens the door to something like murder-by-WiFi.

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