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Submission + - AlwaysInnovating unveils the "Smartbook"

neothoron writes: One year and a half after having released the TouchBook, one of the first netbook designs that could be detached to double as a tablet, Always Innovating has struck again by unveiling the Smartbook:

Always Innovating today unveiled the Smart Book, a perfect all-in-one device, that works as a VoIP videophone, a multi-touch tablet, or a full netbook, thanks to an ingenious design. The Smart Book, previewed at DEMO'10, weighs three pounds, provides an outstanding battery life thanks to its three batteries, and can run multiple OS such as Ubuntu, ChromeOS or Android, side-by-side, without any performance loss.

Most appealing are the promise to work with multiple OS and the possibility of buying only the parts that interest you. Let's just hope that this one won't fall victim to ship delays as egregious as the company's first product.

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