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Comment Re:Back to 9 Planets (Score 1) 232

Bah, alright fine, since this planet is supposed to be huge and its nature is unknown right now, how about the counterpart to Jupiter, Summanus. He's the god of nocturnal thunder, his exact nature isn't really well defined, and at one point was thought to be referred more than Jupiter.

Other possible picks, maybe Minerva or Bellona.

And I checked this time, lol. Unless someone named a planetary feature on one of these gods, they should be free to use!

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 1) 813

Eh, see this is why I was thinking of adding something to my signature. I'm using the arguments against those who use them first. Ghoul made it racial, so I turned it on them. I could've also called them transphobic or sexist for assuming the OP was a man and using the masculine gender pronouns without first asking what their preferred gender pronouns.

I saddens me that I know so much about this...

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