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Comment Re:His Master's Voice (Score 1) 1015

["...there is far less nationalistic or religious conflict on the Earth today and the percentages of death related to that have dropped drastically since World War II."] Reference please. I would like to think the same, but I have to disagree from a point reality, and the fact that humans tend to be violent when driven to a certain extreme. You ignore the simple possibility that extraterrestrial life might be nothing like a hominid-like species, for all we know they could be sentient insect-like creatures, and could be very hostile.

Comment Maybe, but not very promising (Score 1) 177

Lensing is known to happen with black holes and other massive bodies how does this map distinguish dark matter from other sources of lensing? By stating Dark matter has no interaction with electromagnetic radiation clearly contradicts the support that it also bends light. Unless "interaction" has a separate astrophysical meaning which is unfamiliar to me. I don't see how this gets us any closer to understanding the nature of dark matter/energy.

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