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Comment Re:so unbelievably stupid (Score 3, Interesting) 92

All nonsense. While I'm no fan of "desktop in the cloud" - anyone that uses RDP regularly knows that responsiveness is not that much of a problem anymore. As long as Amazon throws enough network & hardware resources at this it'll work fine. The real question is whether it's economical.

Comment Re:Business is an instinctive art (Score 4, Insightful) 167

"No one can tell you when the price will go up, or if the commodity will crash." - this is not business. This is futures speculation.
"No one can explain to you why (before launch) a product gonna sell like hot cakes." - this is not business. This is product speculation. Something that journalists do. Companies create products that there is market demand for. They know there's market demand because there's already competition out there. Most of the time they do not become market leaders.

Business is about networking. It's about making deals with people and creating relationships with the right people. Clients, suppliers, employees.

Good leadership absolutely can be taught. This is why having a mentor is absolutely necessary in the world of business. The mistake people make is focusing their learning on their weaknesses. You should focus your learning on your strengths and hire people that complement your weaknesses.

Jobs was great at contract negotiation, as he was a narcissistic sociopath that could deify or bully anyone he pleased at any time without remorse. He got his own way more often than not. He was ruthless & unforgiving in "maintaining perfection" with the products & ideas he took on. And he fucked up many times. The Next Cube. Pushing Pixar to be a hardware company. The Apple Lisa. Macintosh TV. The Apple III. The Powermac g4 cube.

Steve Jobs was ruthless & lucky, and like all deified CEOs, stood on the shoulders of giants. Where would Mr Jobs be without Steve Wozniak? Where would Jobs be if Apple didn't have the pulling power needed to employ the best & brightest? You would never have heard of him.

Comment Re:What's everyone afraid of? (Score 1) 1293

Intelligent Design is not science. It's not a theory. It's a hypothesis at best, and even that's pushing it. It's unfalsifiable. It should be taught in religious studies. Presenting it as science to school children as if it's a real alternative theory to evolution is the problem. It's not a scientific theory. There is no debate in the scientific world. Evolution is a theory in the same way that gravity is.

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