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Comment Re:a smart fortwo? (Score 2) 123

smart uses some tech to compensate for the lack of crumple.
Basically some slightly-time-delayed absorber built-into the chassis.
The german word for it is "Tilgermasse" couldn't find a proper english term for it.
A lot of ppl fear driving smarts but being more endangered in a crash is just FUD.
Especially crumple seems to be a fetish of US car makers after their historical ignorance of it when they built massive chunks of metal that behaved the way you fear smarts would do.
It's probably already a tradition to lack behind in the automotive industry. ;)

Comment Re:First (past the) Post (Score 2) 639

IMHO the main problem is that none of the left / center / right sides have REALLY changed. They all seem to have the same views and prejudices like decades ago.
Being annoyed of hardcore capitalism doesn't mean that one is either communist or socialist. But that's what ppl seem getting accused of all the time. Center/conservative for me has the flavor of being stagnant. The right wing has that stench of chauvinism. And classic left-wingers seem too naive and unrealistic.
I for example love the "Floating above, thus transcending this question" option that's how i personally roll. Time to move on. I believe it's time to try something new altogether.

Comment Are the nerds coming of age? (Score 0) 401

And turning conservative? Why all the hate for change? "I hate it because it doesn't look the same way as before" ?!? Same way like the latest Tips & Tricks on your flavor of OS.... latest example OSX Lion. I saw a couple of articles already that list nothing but how to turn off the newest features and make it look and behave like the old version. Then why even bother upgrading? Are you trying to become the next breed of those 50% of die-hard-2011 win-XP users because Vista was horrible once and Win7 is just a polished turd in your opionion? Let loose of the past already, it'll never come back. And it's good that way.

Comment Re:200 year old technology (Score 1) 144

not sure if that was the same show i saw. but that's what i was thinking when i read that. they had 2 or 3 teams, one used a remote controlled model airplane to carry the life buoy to the person, another team built some kind of mortar which was in fact a t-shirt cannon. after tweaking targetting with a computer to assist against wind they successfully delivered the life buoy within a few metres to the person in the water.

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