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Zotac Releases GeForce GT 520 With Classic PCI Connector 199

jones_supa writes "It turns out that you can still get a legacy PCI graphics card with a modern GPU. In this case it's a Nvidia Geforce GT 520 card provided by Zotac. Both the PCI and PCIe x1 variants feature a GT 520 graphics chip with 48 stream processors, 512MB of DDR3 memory, a 810MHz core clock speed, a 1333MHz memory speed, and a 64-bit memory interface."

Submission + - Google+ invaded by multiple Mark Zuckerbergs (

Eric Smalley writes: "How many Zuckerbergs does it take to make a Google+? And how many of them can be fake or fleeting? In the past 24 hours, at least three profiles bearing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's name have appeared on Google+, Google's take on the social network: "Fake Zuckerberg," "Mark Zuckerberg" (started today), and "Mark Zuckerberg" (started yesterday)."

Submission + - Common Sense in Copyrights (

An anonymous reader writes: "Entertainment industry lobby groups often describe file-sharers as thieves who refuse to pay for any type of digital content. But not everyone agrees with this view. Swedish telecom giant Ericsson sees copyright abuse as the underlying cause of the piracy problem. In a brilliant article, Rene Summer, Director of Government and Industry Relations at Ericsson, explains how copyright holders themselves actually breed pirates by clinging to outdated business methods. The most vocal rightsholder groups would ideally turn the Internet into a virtual police state, and at the other end of the spectrum there are groups that want to abolish copyright entirely."

Submission + - Nortel patents go to Apple, MS, RIM and others (

tcr writes: A consortium that includes Apple, Microsoft, RIM and Sony has been successful in its bid for the Nortel patent portfolio. The winning bid was $4.5 billion.

Unsurprisingly, TechCrunch predict this could result in a slew of lawsuits directed at Android, but also report that the auction result is likely to undergo scrutiny from the US courts.

Submission + - Interview With a Geek-Friendly DoJ Lawyer (

neolith writes: "Ever wanted to hear about the state of IP law from someone who gets it? We had a chance to interview our friend Ian Samuel, who is a lawyer for the Department of Justice, a CS major, and the self-proclaimed world's biggest nerd. We talk copyrights, patents, EULAs, emulators, and more. Not surprisingly, the conversation is somewhat depressing, but it did inspire us to kick a few bucks the EFF's way. You can read the full transcript of the interview, or listen to the podcast."

Comment What's the PCI implications in this? (Score 1) 404

I'm certain that the PSN had to be audited as part of PCI-DSS compliance to process credit cards in the volume they had to. I'm sort of shocked that they didn't implement some sort of tokenization to process credit card data, but if they were storing complete card data... weren't they encrypted? If they did encrypt the data, did the hacker steal the keys too? Just how badly was Sony owned, anyway? And if they were just storing this plain text, then they and their auditor is going to have some serious 'splaining to do to the payment card peeps.

They're going to have a long, difficult process ahead of them, with lawsuits, fines, loss of business, customer trust, penalties, processing fee hikes, etc. Might be while they're still down, that they literally CAN'T go back on line until they satisfy an outside QSA that they have their i's dotted and t's crossed. Don't get me wrong, they deserve what they're getting, but if CC info is involved, this becomes the new landmark PCI case. Should be interesting to watch for years.

Comment Re:Land of the free... (Score 1) 964

While the fetus is inside her body, yeah, that's pretty much how it goes. If the father doesn't like that, then he should glove up or snip his shit or keep his cock out of the baby chamber. And I think you'll find that who ever makes less and has the kid for most of the time gets the money. Sometimes it's the man, sometimes it's the woman. How would you prefer this division of rights and responsibilities to work?

I could understand if you're railing against punitive alimony or spousal support. Or if you're point was somehow that fathers tend to get screwed on parenting time. But child support? If you don't like it, how else should it be done?

Comment This guy is way off base on some things... (Score 1) 602

I think he's right to look at piracy as competition. But his cures are worse than the disease. I mean, give away your shows, simultaneous to air time, in hi def, with no interstitial ads. Just because any other way would not be competitive with piracy. Balloney.

First, if you want a high def copy of the show, you're going to wait an average of 24 hours. If the big networks streamed high def copies of the show in real-time, that is already a huge competitive advantage! You could air it with full commercials for the first 24 hours easily without turning away the audience. Maybe 24-48 hours after the show has aired, you can turn off interstitials and just go with an opening 30 second ad. This would also recognize that one of the chief annoyances to anyone discovering a show and catching up to it would be sitting through the same stale interstitial ads over and over again as they plow through a show.

You don't have to beat a competitor at every level to be competitive. The content producers have the following competitive advantages.

* They own copyrights and they are legal.
* They can release their material at the same time as the show airs, or even BEFORE if they choose.
* They can release pristine copies in high def.
* They can properly support subtitles easily.
* They are easy to find, and their websites SHOULD be free of malware.
* They can hold archives of past shows in an obvious, easy to understand, search, and index way.
* They can monitize some of these perks (early showings, subtitles, etc) with a subscription model if they choose to.

I'd almost prefer a model where I don't subscribe to channels per se, I subscribe to shows. I buy "season passes" to my favorites for $15/season. I'm sure they'll figure it out, but them "figuring it out" will not be them giving away their product, for free, in high def, with no restrictions whatsoever. If this character was NBC's CEO, they'd go bankrupt.

Comment Re:Not quite so accurate... (Score 1) 470

That's crazy, and it's not about the ruralness of your company. There is lots of metro IT shops that are run that way. That's about the lack of sensitivity to people's lives from the people on top. Not all places are like that. Brush up your resume and leave it for the next guy who is willing to be underpaid and used up. Don't be that guy!

Comment Re:Again? Seriously? (Score 1) 409

This is even worse when you think about the naked money grab nature of it. He's releasing the blurays of the movies, then he's releasing these, then he'll release the blurays. Again. The man is just printing his own money at this point.

I've bought the THX remastered VHS tapes of the classic trilogy, the "special" editions of same, the DVD releases of the prequels, and the DVD release of original trilogy. I'm done. No more. Not one more red cent. Buying the prequels was already a bridge to far if I'm being honest with myself. The ONLY way I will EVER buy another version of Star Wars is if they make Bluray copies of the ORIGINAL series, no special editions. Or even better, make branching copies so I can select which I want to watch or in my dream scenario, blend in the stuff I like about the special editions (the improved models in the Battle of Yavin, improved matting on the Battle of Hoth) and keep the rest as is.

I've got high quality versions of the original trilogy ripped from laser disc. They do just fine, thanks George. Let me know when I can pay you for the old, non fucked up editions, and you can have some (more) of my money then.

Comment Re:I'll miss them (Score 1) 390

Hey, I live in the boonies. Still have a quality library, that networks with other libraries, has online reserve and renewal, and all the other modern features that larger, metropolitan areas have. Just because one lives in the "sticks" doesn't mean one has to accept sub-standard services.

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