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Submission + - "Band-O-Beer" Myths and Rumors

DaveInCincinnati writes: The Bud Light Tailgate Approved marketing campaign has spawned a set of farcical commercials, online and print advertisements, as well as a contest on ESPN.COM. The online contest involves contestant suggestions for new and funny Tailgate Approved items like those featured in the campaign, and the Grand Prize (actually the only prize) is a trip to Miami for the Super Bowl. Currently the contest is in its final stages where the entries posted by the four finalists have been made into mini commercials and the winner will be determined by the entry receiving the most online votes.

The online voting takes place at and will continue until December 7th, 2009. Votes may be cast more than once and currently there is a tight race between all the entries.

As the inventor of the “Band-O-Beer”, I would like to dispel any rumors that alien technology was used in this design. And too, it has been suggested by some that my background is with black projects or off-budget CIA controlled developments, but that is also untrue. Additionally, I can personally guarantee that no ancient artifacts were used and no animals were harmed during this development project.

As the inventor of the “Band-O-Beer”, I am of course very proud of my accomplishment. Though I have yet to be notified, I would not be surprised to be offered, but I will decline, the Nobel prize for this work, and though it is a very nice gesture I cannot accept the undergarments that Britney Spears has offered.

In truth the only reward that I desire is for my fellow programmers, engineers, and IT professionals to acknowledge my work by casting their votes in the affirmative. Yes, there is nothing that I would find more satisfying than for everyone to go to and vote for my baby, the “Band-O-Beer”.

As a final note, I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of a somewhat spectacular and shocking Eater Egg in the video. I guess that if there was one then it would involve voting many times in order to find it.

Please consider what was discussed here private and confidential, but feel free to share it with your friends.

Submission + - The Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box

whitefox writes: An enterprising friend of the bride & groom hands them a wedding gift. They unwrap it to find a locked, wooden box the size of a book with a small LCD screen and a single button. When they press the button, assuming a GPS signal is available, a message appears:

Bonsoir, famille Immel!
This is attempt 2 of 50.
Distance 391km
*Access Denied*
Powering off...

What follows is an interesting story on the creation of a puzzle box that will only unlock itself when it's in the right geographic location and its presentation to the newlyweds. A follow-up sequel to the story is now available.

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