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Comment Re:5 years? (Score 1) 32

I worked on autonomous Humvee's about 15 years ago and that same technology is whats driving the cars now.
The things that have changed are the sensors and computers are faster and better, the algorithms and NN's are better and deeper and there is so much data now.
We already have autonomous cars and people are diving them and the stuff that they can detect even at fast moving speeds is quite a bit.
They can definitely read signs and getting t\o be under all light, weather conditions.
The higher level decision making processes are simple, but they will get better.
I would say 5-7 years is about the right time frame.

Comment Re:Probably a minor oversight. Will likely be fixe (Score 1) 230

That actually happened to me a long time ago. I was on a dumb terminal at a contractors site. I never used Emacs before and I needed to just write a few notes, I some how opened Emacs and then I couldn't figure out how to quit, save or get out... I ended up killing the process and opened vi instead.

I did later learn Emacs and used it all the time.

Comment Re:What a novel question (Score 1) 180

The poster was being funny. Yes this question is not new and has been covered in TV shows since the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone, not to mention many older Sci-Fi books and even the Animatrix.

It's no long a question of the object, but who owns the object. There is user error, manufacturing error and design error. All of them are responsible depending on the situation.

When an object makes it's own decisions and does something bad, then it goes to jail like any other human.

You can't add a blanket law, and you can't control technology and you can't instill ethical thinking in a thinking machine no more than you can in a human being.

Until someone builds a AI that is responsible for it's own actions and does something bad and someone sues them, then this will start a precedence on how to deal with this issue.

Comment Good Marketing (Score 1) 199

Well things like this are bad and good. Good because of all the free marketing they got, bad because it was not the kind of marketing they wanted.
It lives on in each award show for this year, now the standing joke will be to give the main top award to La La Land...

But really, what about color coding the top card to Gold. I know you can't color each different category, then you would have to remember what the color means, but at least the Top award should be a different color than the rest.

And yes, the type and size of the text inside the card should have been designed differently. And the presenters should have been informed and planned for what would happen in the "wrong card situations".

Comment Not for you (Score 1) 248

They are not aiming this service at all of you who don't want to go out, wait for the movie to come to Netflix, are cheep that you don't want to pay for it, will download the pirate version anyways, or think that going to a movie is a loud and obnoxious thing (Which maybe it is on your area, but I have only encountered that a few times in the many years at the theater, but I don't go to the discount theaters anyways).

The point is, it's not for you, this is for the demographic of people that will pay to see it in their home early or don't want to go out.
This is to get an extra buck from those that want to see the movie but don't go to the theater for whatever reason.

Soon it will turn into same day releases at higher costs (and $50 is not that much.)

How they will combat someone ripping it and posting it, that will be the big question.

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