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Comment Rockstar Not too Happy with this (Score 1) 57

It turns out that Rockstar is not so happy about them using their software with out asking first:

  “We welcome discussions about the use of our technology to help further academic research, but it’s obviously not appropriate for corporations to take our work and use it for their own financial interests or for researchers to distribute unlicensed copies of our code as part of their work without first seeking our permission,” the company said.

Comment Understanding how work gets done (Score 1) 56

As we understand how people do work and optimize on that work using technology then yes the systems will start taking over that work. This has been happening since the steam engine. The work today is more complex, but selling items to people is the same and it can be optimized. The business that use technology in a different way to gain an advantage will win out over those that don't.
The current AI works for some things and not others, good a pattern recognition, but it will need to have a better higher level decision maker if it's going to do something at the creative human level.

Comment Re:Nah (Score 1) 104

I agree, Slashdot used to be the place to report these things and then have an intelligent discussion about the ideas. Once and awhile we get one of those, but most of the time it's just a 'your crazy, get out of here' reaction.

Maybe all of this is not true, but I'm sure some of it is and it's an area that we should put money into more research.

Comment Re:Why humanoid? (Score 1) 141

Its not that the human form is the best, it's just that we can't even get them to do anything yet, so it's a start. Once we solve all those problems, then you will see many more designs.Yes walking is hard, climbing stairs and opening doors is hard and the massive metal bodies are not easy to move.

Soft robots will come soon.

Also the world is build for humans, seats are build so humans can recline in with a seat belt, the height of things, like elevators and doors are all built around a personal space. If you make something that is outside of that space, or can't use human tools. then you have to re-design everything.

Comment Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry (Score 2) 286

I have:
Set the settings to Basic.

Disabled it in the registry keys:
added the keyword AllowTelemetry and set it to 0.

Changed the Group Policy level to Disabled:
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Data Collection And Preview Builds\Allow Telemetry

Disabled the services, and killed the processes:
- Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service.
Connected User Experiences and Telemetry process
dmwappushsvc process

Rebooted the machines

And the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry still shows up once and awhile.

And this has happened on several machines.
So its still there and still comes back and its still collecting data.

Comment The Robot Revolution Begins (Score 0) 467

And so the robot revolution begins.

How are they going to get low prices? By using robots and automated tools to keep the costs down.

And in turn the people currently making the products will not be needed.

And there go all the jobs, just so we can have cheaper things.

Don't blame the robots when the super stores want to fight each other over cheaper prices.

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